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A concept portrays that in love, people work overtime looking for that "someone". Always looking around, in and out of town, becoming lost and found. It further stated, that when we find that "special someone" then the love turns part time. It also describes that one be a "closet freak". Also having sex in the back of a Rols Royce would be considered Cozmo-Naughty. Basicaly it describes the out-of-character actions some go through in relationships, for instance changing one's appearance to get attention, but still goes un-noticed.
by Astrodisiac August 13, 2006
(n) An overly promiscuous individual. A more free term for skank, slut, or ho. Durived from the behavior of a piece of paper when thrown in the air, how it moved with no bounds, or control, in a promiscuous way.

(v) Engaging in promiscous or random sexual intercoarse. May or may not be with an unknown partner. Usually, but not always, in a casual sexual encounter. Possibly in-intimate.
"Susie slept with 4 different guys in one night. She is SO loose leaf."

"My boyfriend just got in from Dallas tonight, and I think I may loose leaf with him as soon as he get home."
by Astrodisiac August 13, 2006
1. To fall under misfortune or embarassment, usually suddenly, or un-expected. Especially if you have a crush on EVERY boy.

2. May cause you to exclaim, "OW! My SKIN!"
I was walkin in the mall and seen a cute boy. As I watched him, and him me, I FELL in front of him, and EVERYBODY. ARROWED!

I like Ethan, and Kyle, and James, and Brett Bretterdson.....ARROW'D!
by Astrodisiac January 17, 2006
An old person. Senior Citizen, or elderly individual. Applied, but not limited to, those ages 60 or older. Durived from Teen Girl Squad by Strongbad.
"Mister Pitters wishes he was a teen girl, but he's really just an ointment."
by Astrodisiac August 13, 2006