A large community located in the Southwest part of Dallas known for being one of the rowdiest parts of the city. Oak Cliff is made up of almost entirely Blacks and Mexicans due to the so called "White Flight" period in which whites moved to the suburbs. Residents of Oak Cliff are known for their great amount of community pride. Oak Cliff received a lot of attention across the country for being the place where J.F.K's killer, Lee Harvey Oswald lived and was captured. Also known for being the place where the notorious bank robbing duo Bonnie & Clyde met and were buried. Oak Cliff today receives a lot of negative publicity due to its high crime, poverty, gang violence, murders, and its drug epidemic. Interstate 35 runs through Oak Cliff, and is one of the main suppliers of drugs found in the United States by way of Mexico and South America. Made up of many neighborhood communities, Oak Cliff is home to the famous Big T shopping plaza, Motown plaza, Wynnewood plaza, Southwest Center Mall, and the Dallas Zoo. Oak Cliff is also famous for the many hood block parties thrown throughout the area, the flashy slab car scene, and its many club hoppers. The High Schools in Oak Cliff are known for their sports and exciting band performances at games, which replicates bands such as Grambling, Southern, and Prairie View A&M. Oak Cliff has also received a lot of attention due to the song "Oak Cliff That's My Hood", which was a huge radio hit across Texas. Oak Cliff has recently received national attention for the widely popular shirts worn by many of its residents depicting the struggles they've overcome despite growing up in Oak Cliff. Overall despite the negativity associated with Oak Cliff if you ask any resident where they are from they will proudly say OAK CLIFF.
Im a hustla and whatever I got I'll sell it to ya...I'll say my hood a thousand times, I might as well spell it for ya O.A.K.C.L.I.F.F with my niggas or by myself don't bite my tongue or hold my breathe. - Young Nino(Oak Cliff)
by O.C.T December 4, 2007
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Oak Cliff, located in Southwestern area of Dallas, TX (also known as The OC, O.C.T., and The Cliff). It's famous for it's regular local news coverage due to violent crimes and acts of poverty, but this is a huge misrepresentation. While there are parts of Oak Cliff where looking at the wrong person in the wrong way will get you beat up, stabbed, or shot, overall it's an okay place to live.
"Oak Cliff n*gga, that's my hood. Put it in his face, get that sh*t understood. This ain't what ya boy, tellin ya you'll get hud. (Why?) Cause, Oak Cliff n*gga, that's my hood." - Young Nino
by Jesus Juuce December 7, 2005
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Term>1. The shizzle fo' the ghetto mexican gangsters to hangout. The only place in Texas where you will get shot for getting shot by someone else who got shot.

Term>2. The only place in the U.S. where a mexican person will call a white person nigga.

Term>3. A place where even crackaz get props just fo' livin' near the OC.
"Oak Cliff! That's my hood! Put in yo' face, get that shiz undahstood!
by dre February 26, 2005
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Only the crunkest part of Dallas!!! Also called the OC.
Me: the OC is so crunk!
Cali Loser: yea, california is like totally awesome!
Me: Loser, that's Oak Cliff!
by Diana Stephens September 27, 2004
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Oak Cliff Texas better known as OCT. Many who dont know anything about Oak Cliff have heard the song Oak Cliff That's My Hood- by them boys Young Nino and Hotboy Star. You got ya main High Schools like Carter, Soc- that's South Oak Cliff for all ya'll that don't know that real g's come from these are a few there are others such as kimball too. You got ya streets like Kiest and Polk, Hampton, Red Bird, Westmoreland, and others. Naw Oak Cliff ain't the only hood in D-town you got South Dallas, West Dallas, East Dallas, and Pleasant Grove. Although Oak Cliff is a big neighboorhood that doesn't mean they all get along. You got Polk Terrace, Highland Hills, 350, and others. o yea d-town is made of clicks such as tnt,tdt,dfw,nhb,duece 1, baby deuce,tyb,tyg,ecko,diamond divas,etc.
I'm from OCT that's Oak Cliff Texas
Meet me in Sam's parking lot in oak cliff my ni$$a.
I'm a Oak Cliff Gorilla
214 Texas
by its ya nigga April 2, 2006
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Oak Cliff is a place mixed with blacks and mexicans only about 5 white people out of the whole hood. Oak Cliff is also kwown for its violent crimes and a deep unemployment line. People in oak cliff are very easily disturbed so please do not look at anyone wrong. Some people compare oak cliff to south central L.A or Compton but i don't think its that bad.
Oak Cliff that's my hood!!
Oak Cliff tha realest!!
by tha real n*gga July 6, 2006
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Normally pronounced O’CLIFF or Da Cliff or even O.C.T. Or if your are from the southern region “The Bottom”
The only place where you white and Asian dissent children can call you their n*gg@. Normally due to them being one of few to live in Oakcliff for an extended period of time. Oakcliff is also know for having extremely talent athletes and great mom and pop restaurants.
White boy chris: what’s up my n!gg@
St. Louis Tj: yoooo Fat mike you gon let him call you that?
Fat Mike from Oakcliff: yeah he cool he from South OAK CLIFF too he was the only white boy in the year book for 12 year cuhh.

Franklin : yo Texas plays O.U in the cotton bowl after I leave the fair when can I go?
Fat Pat: Stay the Hell away from Oakcliff it ain’t safe for you too be alone after 7pm
by Galehart Popwell February 14, 2021
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