"On Company Time." The place where most Americans pay their bills, catch up with loved ones via e-mail, make weekend plans, purchase plane tickets and e-bay items, and spend most of their restroom time during the day.
My husband says, "I always poo on company time!"

"I'm tired of talking to people when I get home at night. That's why I made plans for the weekend on company time."
by Miss Libs May 9, 2005
Acronym for "original character tournament", a type of collaborative event where numerous artists portray their characters duking it out in tournament format. Mostly popular within art communities like DeviantArt.

Once all of the slots have been filled, two artists in their respective rounds are challenged with creating comics of their OC defeating the other in combat. The winner is decided by the judges choosing which one is canon based off of the quality of the writing, art, and/or the tactical logic of the comic. Rinse and repeat until only the winner remains.
"Man I remember that old Endzone OCT back in like, 2007. That was the most hype shit."

"literally what the fuck is an oh sea tea"
by classified288 January 20, 2021
We were playing Pong OCT!
Billy, have you been going on urbandictionary OCT?
by SFP March 8, 2005
Abbreviation for octal. Used in computer science and mathematics. The octal number system is a base eight number system, meaning there is no 8 or 9 digit used.

For example the number 9 would be written as 11, because there is no 8 or 9.
Mathematicians often confuse Christmas and Halloween because DEC 25 = OCT 31

(decimal 25 = octal 31)
by bekinator May 10, 2005
obsessive compulsive tagging
a web 2.0 ailment characterized by an uncontrollable urge to social-bookmark everything.
his OCT got worse when he started using ma.gnolia.
by coolmel March 13, 2006
A vagina. Used when making fun of a friend.
Did you here mike talking in that gay voice?! Haha! What an oct!!
by Abgeodnslsn January 11, 2012