1. Gangster / Crime film based in 1967 , main characters Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow .

2. A mad relationship/love that can never be broken , taken from the film broken , always be together , ment for each other.
2. We got some bonnie & clyde shit goin on here .
by SYPHA May 13, 2005
a down ass couple that will stay down for each otha NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.
Ponleu Cookie Keo and Marcel Tyler Watson are like Bonnie&Clyde. hahaha sikeee XD
by Cookieezy November 29, 2007
Bonnie and Clyde: the modern day Romeo and Juliet. THe 1967 movie of the same name talks of a couple who are bankrobbers travelling the country together.

Several songs have been written by duos with allusion to this, the most known being the '03 Bonnie and Clyde by Jay-Z and Beyonce.
Man, we and my bitch, we're like Bonnie and Clyde together.
by Blazevic152 December 13, 2006
When you and/or your significant other are wronged by a certain individual or individuals so you have sex in that person or persons’ bed as revenge.
Yeah, this girl kicked my girl out of her house so we Bonnie and Clyded her bitch ass.
by SacredxInsanity August 4, 2018
When a girl and a guy clasp hands and jerk the guy's penis off.
Babe, you are really struggling with this hand job but i love you; let's bonnie and clyde this one.
by theragecage April 27, 2017
Watching their movies you will see truly how hot they were and will make you very jealous for their romantic link.
Bonnie and Clyde didn't have to do all that
by Happy Christian September 30, 2020