20 definitions by Diana Stephens

A moderately unkind smart-ass thing to say to someone who says something that doesn't matter. Most people who say this are either in a bad mood, not a nice person altogether, or don't like the person they're talking to. It's not very clever, but alot of people thing it is.
Bill: Hey my cat threw up today.
Joe: Newsflash: I don't care!
by Diana Stephens May 21, 2005
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Another way of saying for methaphetamine (crystal meth)
Man I just bought me sum chicken feed.
by Diana Stephens October 28, 2004
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1) A baseball player who used to play for the Rangers, but stupidly switched to the Yankees, even though Rangers are AWESOME!

2) The name of my friend whom I've known since 3rd grade. Often thinks he's good at baseball. Used to call himself A-Rod
1) Alex Rodriguez is a silly billy for switching to the Yankees.

2) Alex Rodriguez and I used to speak frequently, but now I hardly ever talk to him.
by Diana Stephens October 1, 2004
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An interesting, kid-friendly way to say something is "cool" or "neat." If one were to use this expression in front of one's friends (especially if one was male), one would probably be called a fag, gay, or queer, although I might not agree with them.
Bill: Wow that car was tripped out
Bob: Yeah, it was neato torpedo!
Bill: Fag!
by Diana Stephens May 23, 2005
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1) a yellow, cream-filled pastry

2) another term for a cocaine hydrochloride "rock"

3) two people dressed similarly
1) dude I'm like soooo craving a twinkie right now

2) dude, pass me that twinkie

3) dude, look us, we're like totally twinkies!
by Diana Stephens October 29, 2004
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Someone whos cool but doesnt have 2 wear black all the time...Only sometimes...and with color...
Jennifer is SUCH a gothic like oooooooooomigosh!
by Diana Stephens October 29, 2004
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