20 definitions by Diana Stephens

v. to leave one place

n. the door in which one leaves
1. Dude this party is soooo lame. I'm about to exit.

by Diana Stephens August 01, 2005
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Clownfish live among the poisonous tentacles of a sea anemone. The clownfish are protected from predators, and they keep the sea anemone clean.
by Diana Stephens February 14, 2005
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An interesting, kid-friendly way to say something is "cool" or "neat." If one were to use this expression in front of one's friends (especially if one was male), one would probably be called a fag, gay, or queer, although I might not agree with them.
Bill: Wow that car was tripped out
Bob: Yeah, it was neato torpedo!
Bill: Fag!
by Diana Stephens May 23, 2005
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A moderately unkind smart-ass thing to say to someone who says something that doesn't matter. Most people who say this are either in a bad mood, not a nice person altogether, or don't like the person they're talking to. It's not very clever, but alot of people thing it is.
Bill: Hey my cat threw up today.
Joe: Newsflash: I don't care!
by Diana Stephens May 21, 2005
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A symbiotic relationship in which one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.
Tapeworms live in the intestines of cats, where they absorb nutrients from the food cats eat.
by Diana Stephens February 14, 2005
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Only the crunkest part of Dallas!!! Also called the OC.
Me: the OC is so crunk!
Cali Loser: yea, california is like totally awesome!
Me: Loser, that's Oak Cliff!
by Diana Stephens September 26, 2004
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