A group of people striving for greatness and changing the world for the better. These people don't let anything stand in their way and always have each other's back
Those 214 kids are something special
by JG21 November 27, 2013
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There is a time and place when and where your soul feels so lost. It's cold and your soul feels lonely. Look around, you see faces, you hear laughter. Everything is just suddenly zoned out, and the only person that you see is yourself, standing in the center, far away from the crowd. Time is hurriedly taken away. The spark of life is slowly fading away. Still, from this life to another, your soul keeps wandering until it becomes tired. Who would accept you and love your soul dearly for who you are?

True friends? - You don't have.
Lover? - Comes and goes.
Spouse? - Is it the right one?

Probably Biological Family. They scolded at you for not doing things the way they wanted. However, you never felt so lonely with them. They are always there for you when you turn around and look back. You think you have grown up and become so independent when you moved away. Not so much of independence when there is a silent moment that you ask yourself: "What would I do if someday when I turn around and look for them, they are no longer there with their geniune love and care?"
214 is a lonely soul. 214 wishes to be so loved.

214 wishes to be so cared and have full of gentleness for life.
by Infinity and Beyond® January 3, 2022
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some zipcodes for dallas is 972 214 469 so people say 9721469 meaning dallas. like 713 is houston as 214 is to dallas
by K.T June 27, 2004
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The MBTA bus route into Germantown.
PERSON: When da nex 214 b at?
MBTA PERSON: Fuckin' 2:17 am. Follow the drunk guy.
PERSON: Fuckin' no! I'm gon kick u honky ass!
MBTA PERSON: No. Please refrain.
PERSON: White mans excuses.
MBTA PERSON: I am so sorry.
PERSON: White mans apologies.
PERSON: But I still ain't got my 40 acres an mule.
*214 pulls up. PERSON & drunk guy get on and drive to Germantown.*
by itza secret August 9, 2003
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A group of homosexual sheep herders in Austria who became famous in the late 1820's for sodomizing their animals after a long and difficult day in the fields. They were also famous for brewing a special ale which they would use to drug the local townswomen, usually those who resembled their sheep, and perform what is known as a train on them.
Townsperson - "Oh my God, that's one of those 214 guys"

Townswomen #1 - "yeah, I think I remember drinking with them"

Townswomen #2 - "yeah, I was drinking with them last night and now I'm sore as fuck."

Townsperson - "What crazy 214er's. They sure love those sheep. Crazy fucking sodomizing bastards. Why are we not stopping them?"
by Karl Marx IV October 8, 2008
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1.the official discharge form from the united states military
2. heaven on paper
i cant wait to get my dd 214 so i can tell sergeant J to go fuck himself.

when i get my dd 214 im gonna smoke the biggest blunt
by sea daddy88 January 22, 2011
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d214? more like d0. With hallways that look like they were created in the great depression (they might have been), to white collar gang activity, to wifi shared between like 20 damn schools. Like seriously, who shares ONE internet connection between 20 schools!?
Guy: Hey! Have you been yo district 214?
Guy2: HEYL NO! Didn't some kid take the whole internet connection down?
Guy: YEA! I love working with no wifi. ITS GREAT.
by StripedLinux May 25, 2016
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