A business which poses as a knowledgeable and capable entity, but which is actually just a couple of clowns trying to make an easy buck.
Larry: I just paid $5,000 for this really awesome course in

digital film animation screenplay-based photography!
Bill: Oh yeah?
Larry: Yeah boyeee! I'm gonna make some cool s%$t after

I pass my course and get rich, yo!
Bill: So what are you doing in the course now?
Larry: Ahhh, ummm...well...we're uh...doing..this..uh...
Bill: Sounds to me like it's a mom and pop op.
by any none March 7, 2011
A bullshit term used by wealthy boomers to garner sympathy for their exploitative business practices. Often the business is under threat from possible regulation, and use of the term 'mom and pop' is a cheesy attempt to get young and less affluent people to distinguish between them and a large corporation, but often there is very little difference in principles aside from the scale. Often a large private business in the millions of dollars will describe themselves as mom-and-pop anyway as a marketing gimmick. At this point, the term has been used so frequently and inappropriately that it no longer holds any distinction, aside from making an entitled fair-weather capitalist stand out in the rain.
We are just normal mom and pop landlords, where your rent increase comes with freshly baked cookies.

Won't someone stick up for the mom and pop hedge fund managers of the world.
by jimbobfrites August 9, 2021
An independantly owned business. If it is a music business, they will sometimes release CD's a week before they come out.
Yo, that Mom and Pop store down on west 73rd has the new G Unit Cd. Go cop it now b4 that ish run out!
by Anonymous November 7, 2003
We had a mom and pop special right after the baby went to sleep.
by hammerd November 11, 2013
Local corner store owned by local. Not a 7-eleven franchise.
Brit: Where'd you go yesterday?
Max: A mom and pop shop.
Brit: Okay, but they have everything at 7-eleven for cheaper!
by gtbbgtbb August 9, 2017
music that moms listen to
"Hey man, do you listen to Adele?"
"Nah man, that's Mom Pop shit."
by jakebug February 15, 2017
referring to your mother/father, except only pussies say "your mother"
by YoshiKool August 21, 2004