A powerful female orgasm brought on by surprisingly proficient oral sex performed by a man.
Last, night he gave three O'Connors.
by Slim Nunn March 23, 2008
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1)a filthy place filled with wealthy white people who think they are to good for anyone and everything

2)a place were fake ass people can be fake because every one there is fake
O'Connor is a school for wealthy people
by Qpalzmwoskxneidjcbrifhvtyg November 4, 2016
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an Irish singer, popular in the late 80s - early 90s. In 1990 she had an international #1 hit (the Prince - written "Nothing Compares 2 U") and a #1 album: "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got". She has great talent, an excellent singing voice and she can play some instruments and writes most of her songs, too. She has an extreme appetite for controversy however and in the autumn of 1992 it all backfired when on TV she ripped up a photograph of the beloved Pope John Paul II and shouted "Fight the real enemy!". By doing that she pissed off an entire planet because she dissed an icon admired by not just Catholics but Christians of other denominations, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, people of other faiths and more. Even atheists respected him for his stances on social issues and human rights. She did it to promote an album and it all flew back into her face. Sinead recordings were smashed by a steamroller in New York City. She had enough notority with her shaved head which didn't dilute her pretty features one bit. The picture-tearing incident put her fame in the trash can, as she never scored a big hit again.
Today she still says and does stupid controversial things in public, but her music career ain't going nowhere.
I saw Sinead O'Connor rip up a picture of Pope John Paul II on the Letterman show late night on TV. A few people cheered. Others gasped in disbelief.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice March 12, 2007
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the best boyfriend a person could ever ask for.
"Omg Nicole, you have a Matthew O'Connor! I wish I had one..."
by babybear0329 February 25, 2010
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Kyle is the type of man to use peanut butter to jack off while watching incest porn and sitting on a pineapple.
wow Kyle O'connor how did you fit that pineapple up your ass.

whats your name? mine is Kyle O'connor are you going to eat that pine apple
by PH101Gaming January 31, 2019
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To be so drunk that you pass out and hold on to the grass for dear life to avoid falling off the world.
Andrew: Dude was i drunk last night?
Stuart: You weren't just drunk you got Lachie O'Connored
by Matt Bentonwqqw January 27, 2012
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A stuck up piece of shit, who thinks he's better than almost everyone.
Trisha: Brad's such an Ass
Kendra: Yah, he's such a Rhys O'Connor
by #getfuckeddude September 30, 2019
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