Someone who is new or inexperienced in a situation.
Man, I be living with all these nube sauces now I gotta differentiate between original and spicy!
by Big Ro Ro February 9, 2007
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A female that uses a carrot to masturbate.
"Dude, I was on last night and saw this fat Nube the Queen just going at it with an carrot!"
by Papy April 27, 2010
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Spanish word for cloud
Can also mean newbie, noob, nube
Yo encanto el nube
by r3L4x October 1, 2003
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using applesauce to lube up da painstick!

next time you eat her out you will get 4 grams of sugar too to keep you going for hours and hours! It is delicious and nutricious!
mom where did you put my lunch???

i dunno hun but you better nube lube it up for after lunch
by Mike Forskin September 1, 2010
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to utterly own one at a various video game or other activivty; unbelievably good;. (hecks yes)
Bryan super uber nube poned that Owen kid at guitar hero.
by god's dad April 9, 2007
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