(vb.) To apply lubricant to the anus or vagina in preparation for sexual congress.
Patrick: "lube up Clive, I gotta hankering for some arse lovin'"
by VegasMalone June 22, 2020
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to prepare for a difficult task at hand

esp. to study for a very hard test
Today's Differential Equation test is going to hurt no matter what, but I did lube up last night by reading all my notes.
by derpdederpdederp June 9, 2010
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The use of alcohol to become mildly intoxicated in order to prepare for social activity. Some people call alcohol a social lubricant.
"I needed to get lubed up before going to the party.
by yes juanito yes May 13, 2017
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A colloquial term for an object being lubricated for medical, mechanical, and/or sexual purposes.
The ramrod was appropriately lubed up prior to usage, a necessary action required to prevent performance difficulties caused by undue friction.
by C4Diesel August 21, 2014
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When morning penetration is effortless due to the slather of lube that has remained in one or more orifices since the night before.
I was supposed to be preparing for my job in the morning, but it was way too easy to just roll onto my side and slide into the lubed up leftovers from last night.
by Scruffy Judson November 8, 2019
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To take an extra bong hit before work after a period of time off to ease the transition back to work.
by billyboombox January 10, 2015
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Noun. Term for penis. Usually used to imply an imposing girth.
You let Todd put that lubed up meat piston in you? Shit!
by Hrontajkpa December 18, 2009
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