Somebody who makes you laugh but cringe, it’s something you can’t quite put your finger on so you refer to her/him as a nube.
Your a nube man🤣🤣
by August 10, 2021
A nude consisting of pubes, usually of a great amount of pubes. Could be described as disgusting, gross, or fucked up you disgusting asshole go fuck your dog.

"Ugh, Kevin sent me nubes last night."

"Ew, that's nasty. I'd rather be rainbow kissed."
by That Chick who hates Nubes October 6, 2017

1. The hair that grows around ones nipple.

Single nube, or multiple nubes.

Similar to pubes, also pubic hair.
He/she was suckling my nipple when they choked on nubes.
by Phiadocious January 14, 2020
Nube is my cat

she love the plants and trees
(Plant of albahaca) OMG is nube my loveee
(mango tree) hush idiot she is my girl
(channel the cat) hush everyone she is my wife
(everyone fight)
by Mr.TigerThunder May 23, 2018
nube is my cat she is beautiful strong white

nube is friend of every cat she love me and the trees
(a plant of albahaca)OMG is nube is my super friend
(mango tree) hey stupid plant she is my friend and my girl

(channel a cat) go away idiots he is my wife

(everyone fight)
by Mr.TigerThunder May 23, 2018
The godess of perfection. No human can be perfect but she definitly is. She is caring, sweet and if you pray hard enough she might set you on the path to perfection.
Did you pray to Nube tonight?
No I didn't, shit.

I did! Look at how perfect my hair is today
by Bohemian peasant July 13, 2019