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The founder of a gay clan known as BAY. He likes to abuse his admin controls and kick members who own him because he cant handle the fact that all he'll be in life is a gay fucking n00b!
"oh my nubee kicked his best member, ninja-magnus, from the clan cause he couldnt handle the fact that he got owned!
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the leader of BAY who was took much of a fag for his wife who left him for a man who could answer her sexual needs
"oh my nubee lost his wife cause his peepee is too small to reach inside her hole"
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An immature adult that likes to pick on little kids to make him feel good about his sorry as self
"Oh my there goes Nubee beating up his little son yoshi again!"
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better then saying nob its a bit more appropriate out and about

by Amie and lauren
by Amieox October 26, 2009
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The leader of an all gay clan called BAY. His goal in life is to sexually assault his little son, yellow yoshi, as much as possible.
"Oh my there goes BAYNubee giving his son yoshi another blowjob!!!!"
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A she/he-whore who is in charge of a transvestite clan called BAY with over 50 members that can't even get 5 members to show up for a match. Despite being divided up into three divisions of NS, TFC and CS, they aren't involved in shit.
NuBee is a dipshit. Oh! Nubee make me your bitch.
Player: "Hi I'm gay and I need a clan"
Nubee: "gosh you have a sweet ass you can join my BaY clan, we love to have all the fags we can get".
Player: /me sucks Nubee
Nubee: /me moans
by shizznizz April 27, 2003
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