better then saying nob its a bit more appropriate out and about

by Amie and lauren
by Amieox October 26, 2009
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"can i touch your nube?"
"You have two nubes."
by sandra April 30, 2004
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When playing Halo2, a combination of the plasma pistol and another gun, typically the battle rifle. The cheap, but rather effective way to get kills. Often used by a weaksauce, nubbo, nube, nub, you get the picture.
I got a nube combo over at the crash-site.
Allright, who's using the nube combo?
Damn, I just got owned by the nube combo!
by 007Alex October 2, 2006
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The leader of an all gay clan called BAY. His goal in life is to sexually assault his little son, yellow yoshi, as much as possible.
"Oh my there goes BAYNubee giving his son yoshi another blowjob!!!!"
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someone who is a crap shot on call of duty 4 or 5 and so instead resorts to firing a grenede from there gun at anything that moves getting numerous unsatifing kills and thinking they are good playes. death to all nube tubers
i get had by nube tube all the time. i want to kill them all (not in the game either)
by addy17baddyuk March 6, 2009
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Grenade launcher used by unskilled people, e.g. nubes. Said launcher requires no skill, nor soberness to use.
Who's nube tubing? Who has the nube tube? Get rid of that nube tube or I'll teabag your corpse! Freakin nube tube got me.
by Drew Parkinson March 30, 2008
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