1. Where dumbshits think norwegians are from.

2. Norwegian without the n.
Dood: Those godamned norwegians need to go back to fucking Norwegia!
Norwegian: Norway
Dood: What was that?
*The norwegian beats the shit out of the random ass guy*
by Dr. Crowley May 22, 2009
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Norwegia państwo położone w Europie Północnej na Półwyspie Skandynawskim.
by hardcorepanda December 19, 2010
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(nor-wee-jaa) noun

1. The way the PCOO (Preferring Coconuts Over Others), refer to the beautiful country of Norway.

2. Creating a new country by raising the level of misspelling to a science.
Because Indonesians come from Indonesia, and Russians come from Russia, Norwegians come from Norwegia.

"The Beatles just re-released their song 'Norwegia Wood.'" -- Reg Ramos

The Unity Nations just added Norwegia as its newest member.
by Tribz June 14, 2018
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Where the Philippines' own, "Best and Brightest" Presidential Communications Operations Office under the Duterte Administration believes Norwegian people come from.
"The president conferred the Order of Sikatuna with the rank of Datu to outgoing Norwegian Ambassador to the Philippines Erik Forner for his service as the representative of Norwegia."
by LEGALLYBEARY June 15, 2018
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Home of the goats Norwegia is a holy, united, strong and brave country supported by a very large number of farms, seven elevens, hillbillies, goats and chickens on rafts. The Norwegian national anthem is the shut up woman get on my horse song. Norwegia has an army of winged shotgun wielding goats an hillbillies for more information look at the goatism definitions.
Dude I bet that guy is from Norwegia look at his plowing technique.

The winged shotgun wielding norwegian goats are attacking!!!

That is some amazing seven eleven operating skills you have there.
by goat king May 9, 2013
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The place Norwegianians are from. Generally well known as a major shit-hole. Has the largest known market for cod-fish rapists. Cod-Raping is a national sport in Norwegia. There have been many attemps to make it a olympic sport. For more information see cod rapist.
That damn norwegianian from norwegia keeps trying to rape my cod.
by iamalex April 22, 2009
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Nowegia is the home of the norwegian goats and humans. Goats are the official animal of Norwegia and these goats are special because they are green and pink. Never trust a Nowegian goat from Norwegia. Norwegia is where the Norwegian people live so not Norway. Let's make it clear that Norway is not a place. The history of Norwegia is very special. In the early years there was a queen in Norwegia and her name was Klaudia, she ruled the world of Norwegia and now the world is better than ever. Norwegia is life!!
"Hey dude where do Norwegians come from?"
"They come from Norwegia, where Queen Klaudia ruled the world"

"Who ruled Norwegia in the early years?"
"Queen Klaudia the most beautiful and amazing human ever"
by NorweigiaIsLife April 4, 2018
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