people who lives in Indonesia.

want some fun fact about Indonesians? 99% of Indonesians are just a bunch of bigots

mad? I'm Indonesian you cant blame me fuckers
Indonesians who somehow loves kpop: write random 3 words
me: kpop is bad
Indonesian who somehow loves kpop: go to hell
by amogusgirl February 16, 2022
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A race that other 205 million people in this world have.
They're usually have a religious background (Mainly Muslim or Christian or Hindu if they're from Bali), gets their drivers liscense when they're 15, drives a motorbike since they were 10 and usually a smoker.

- We have more that 17,000 islands (Bali is a famous one) and more than 250 different races.
- We love football (soccer) more than anything.
- We usually spend our time in Twitter or Facebook.

- We speak more than just one language.
- We usually get mixed with Filipinos.
- We have tanned skin, black hair and big dark eyes.
- We invented the greatest shit ever... MI GORENG!
I'm Indonesian :D
mixture of Dutch, Central Java, Sumatran, Toraja and Timor :)
by chelseafcfanatic April 13, 2010
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Something that doesn't feel right, has that illegal vibe you should stay away from. That off feeling u get.
Eg. that bike look Indonesian a lil, where'd you get the nuclear missiles installed?

Eg. Is this really weed it feels very Indonesian.
by xannykLloyd January 22, 2021
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Great restraunt serving authentic indo food on Race Street in Philadelphia's chinatown section. you can usually expect to see several waiters in very nice clothes running around. it is a great place with fine food and decour. they also own cafe pandawan lima in south philly. expect to pay about 25 - 30 dollars per person.
damn the indonesia restraunt is expensive!
by TapRootDan July 25, 2005
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A country in southeast asia with a strong patriotic principle that flows through everything here, from the big corporations to the 7/11 stores.

Although racially and religiously diverse, Indonesians have a high tolerance towards it and almost all live peacefully in co-existance. Foreigners are treated with the best hospitality an individual Indonesian can offer (they stare at you at first, but if you smile they would smile back).

A recurring gag that happens in Indonesian culture is the overall hatred of our northern neighbor, Malaysia. Although our countries are almost the same, we have been involved in one diplomatic spat to another, mostly on their part. Threats of invasion has come across many times starting from the 1960's the most recent is when malaysia claimed some of Indonesia's cultural items as they're own. It is however, in my opinion, very far fetched and often unrealistic.

Contrary to popular belief, most of Indonesia's terrorism come's from neighboring Malaysia, there has not been a terrorist leader in Indonesia who is Indonesian. So if you want to blame anyone, go blame Malaysia.

The country however is rampant with corruption, it has improved, but is still common throughout all levels of government. Promises of death penalties are often made but never kept, usually they claim is cause by "religious" reasons.

Overall that's Indonesia for you, if you want "Truly Asia" go to Indonesia. Trust me, Malaysia is pretty much bullshit when it comes to culture.
"Jakarta, born and raised."

Indonesian culture; food, babes, beaches, booze, and indomie (cost like about Rp2.500 here, about 25 cents or cheaper I think. And no it's not made in Australia...)
by its_me_ray_tall_queer_handsome October 21, 2011
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The act of fucking a girl from Sweden in the ass in front of a Denny's while watching Perfect Strangers reruns. Contrary to popular belief, this can be done anytime throughout the day, as Denny's serves breakfast all day long.
I was performing the Indonesian Lumberjack on Heidi when she began to sob about her recently deceased pet goat.
by cabbagelou October 7, 2009
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When a Komodo Dragon watches you have sex, whilst eating a full breakfast, including sausages. (Not that Brown and Serve crap)
Stop at the supermarket, pick up some Jimmy Dean sausage, cause tonight, I'm giving you the Indonesian Flapjack!
by FlapjackKong January 25, 2014
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