A really awesome person, pro rhythm and ark nights player
“Why are u screaming”
“Nort just kicked me in the shins
by Asseater26 June 9, 2022
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Unit of measurement

My car weighs a nort.
A nort is half an elephant
by The measurement guy December 24, 2021
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Term used by Kingdom Hearts fans to refer to characters that have been possessed by the villainous Xehanort. Part of Xehanort's plan in the series is to split his soul into multiple different people, similar to what Voldemort did in the Harry Potter series with horcruxes. Such characters are depicted with yellow eyes.
by Alenonimo June 13, 2018
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Norte lado means North Side in Spanish. Norte Lado is often used by Nortenos to say where they come from,
I strive for my cause in the big norte lado, nigga!
by Overzyme September 11, 2020
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