0, Zero, Nothing, Nort.


The sphincter, which resembles a '0'.


A dislikable idiot. Comparative to an arsehole, only more foolish and less self-aware.
1. 'I came all this way for nort'
2. "Ouch, that hit me right in the nort"
3. "Trump suggested injecting disinfectant to cure Coronavirus. He's such a nort"
by Hiccupotamus April 24, 2020
tity hardons
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
An absolute idiot of a human being, cannot do anything right
Nick is a real nort, did hear his new song?? Total nort work
by Yomamayuh June 5, 2019
A silly person or a person doing something really stupid. This is a cleaner choice word or slang term than jerk, retard, retarded, or asshole. Not to be confused with nigger or nigga, which no one on earth should ever use.
Only a nit nort would drive and watch tv or text at the same time.

Janet got drunk the night before her final exam for college.
What a nit nort.
by DJ JET November 2, 2009
Wow! That snort was very loud. it was a nort snort.
by boutjksur January 9, 2018