Canada. ( Literally "Mexico of the North", used to irritate Canadians and Mexicans alike. )
Andrew: Where are the Olympics in 2010?
Rosie: In Vancouver in el Mexico del Norte.
by brown_ct February 23, 2010
When something in a show or other type media happens that causes a fan to geek out so much that they can’t articulate words probably.
Ron: Heard about the season finally of that show you like. How ya doing buddy?
(Also see: shook)
by XxxSpook_masterxxX October 13, 2019
A very large gang of at least 800 members located in Watsonville California. They are very dangerous and fight scraps on sight. They have no boundarys there quick and crazy. They are also known to simply just not give a fuck about scraps. There known enameys are P.S.W,P.S.L.W.V.P.,M.S.L,ETC.
Ayy chap you trippin?
Fuck you fucken ugly ass scrap Watson Varrio Norte Rifa Puto feo!
by Mr.Locote July 11, 2010
A small norteno gang close to watsonville. they are very unpopular with the other nortenos in that area.
by Mr.Locote July 11, 2010
Rio Norte Junior High is full of sad lost little bitches who think they're cool. They smoke weed and vape and yike to make it seem like they're cool when in reality their parents are too rich to actually give a fucking shit about their life. They will most likely become drug addicts and end up failing in life because their body is so used up and tired from being a slut. Girls and boys act like they're 20 when in reality they're 13 and 12 and really need to start acting their fucking age. There is only a small amount of good people who realise what weed and vape can do to you and they're treated like actual fucking shit. The 7th grade tree and 8th grade wall are both very fucking stupid. It does make you FUCKING COOL to smoke weed and vape it makes you seem like a FUCKING LOSER who will end up on the streets. Their parents don't give a flying fuck about their future and they don't care about how they will turn up.
Girl #1: why is she vaping?
Girl #2: oh, she's from Rio Norte Junior High School and her parents don't exactly give a shit
by TheTruth358 September 3, 2017
An all boys school in west haven where there are exactly 3 black people.
Joe : are you going to Norte Dame west haven ?

Tyrone : nah , I got in but I'd much rather go to hillhouse. There are tons of people like me there
by Tyrone6969 February 1, 2014
Del Norte High School- a small high in Albuquerque New Mexico they are the del norte knights a decent football team but a school with wannabee gangbangers, hot girls and potheads
Oh we play Del Norte High School next week itll be an easy win for us.
by DukeCitym October 1, 2019