To become or to make someone into a vessel for Xehanort; to be possessed by Xehanort's heart.
Xigbar's been norted for ages. It looks like Xehanort decided to nort others as time went by.
by X-blade.wav June 18, 2018
(v) to turn into xehanort
symptoms include white hair, yellow eyes, having -nort appended to your name, and an unceasing obsession with yelling "darkness" and "keyblade"
i can't believe ____ was norted! who's next?
by italian_xehanort June 12, 2018
to possess another human being,
specifically if you are Xehanort
Xehanort keeps norting people and it's making the other party guests uncomfortable
by Xenobius January 27, 2019
Referring to a person who doesn’t do stuff right or is a complete dumbass
Dude! You dropped my papers, you are such a nort
by Jdjjdjdjdkdke October 29, 2018
Someone that you don't like but you aren't sure why.
I know. He's just such a little nort.
by BlueSteele July 28, 2011
The term "nort" is commonly refered to certain individuals in our society today. The word doesn't nessesarily have a specific definition, it just commonly attributes to certain people. Thus, in short, the word "nort" is exactly what it sounds like.
-Look at Willy run through the cabbage patch - he's such a little NORT!

-That hobo is rummaging through the garbage again- tisk tisk, what a NORT!
by Nort Expert September 21, 2007
A small piece of something that is irregular in shape and worthless in value. Commonly referred to as "a little piece of shit"
My dog loves when i flick crusty norts off of the table into his mouth.
by Zdoggerdudemandogdude July 6, 2006