A completely kick ass band who isn't afraid to do so. The best band you've never heard of.
by huge robot October 21, 2003
what god listens to when he's feeling down.
god:jesus christ this is good!

jesus:yeah,i know.thank god for the shins....

god:don't mention it...
by nicholas warunek March 28, 2007
A really good, not well-known indie band. Also, the only band I have ever known to feature communist penguins in their music videos.
'Tis true you know. Watch the video for "So Says I".

Really though, The Shins are good.
by DistinctlyBritish August 19, 2004
Way cool. "Know your onion" is a great song.
by Cellist December 20, 2003
An amazing indie band. Best band of all time. A great band that became too popular because of Garden State! They currently live in Portland. Albums include "Oh, Inverted World" and "Chutes Too Narrow." (Both are great!)
Me: I love The Shins!
Random 1: Who are they?
Random 2: Oh, I heard them on Garden State!
Me: Fuck.
by K45 December 14, 2005
the band that everyone started to listen to after the movie, Garden State. They are a very good indie band none-the-less.
the shins are a great indie band
by BigBlondBurlyBoy August 12, 2005