An awful fucking discord server owned by the cinnamon stick guy from Apple Jacks with a god complex. The mods love to sit the the mod chat and suck each other’s dicks. Everyone there also likes to fuck Pokémon.
I just left Nort Court.
by Bom r April 13, 2021
In refrence to the northside of Escanaba MI. Or the GHETTO part of town. Anywhere on the northside of Main ST.
I roll outa Nort town
by cheddacheez April 28, 2007
where all the suburban nerdy kids go so the school is super competitive
students there are way too smart and think a midterm study party is fun
students cry everyday about their grades
elitist as fuck
Girl: Dude we're on a date, can u put your study flashcards down.
Boy: Sorry I'm from Del Norte
by anonsounds September 21, 2019
As popularized on the show Breaking Bad The northern part of New Mexico from Albuquerque to the Colorado border. A mixture of hispanic and native cultures ,the people, dialect, and cuisine are different from almost all other hispanic populations.
Aye foo , dont be talking papas to me homes I represent el norte!
by NMlife May 8, 2019
1. vegetables that have migrated so far north they have become frozen.
2. Any kind of frozen vegetable.
Bottom doesn’t have any fresh salad fixings, but he can serve veggie del norte anytime.
by Bottom Ford May 2, 2010