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Upscale department store. It is not Nordstroms or Nordstrom's but Nordstrom. No there are no coupons this weekend. There are only 3 major sales a year.
I'm going to Nordstrom to go shopping.
by Brooke Love January 10, 2008
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a store where they sell clothing, shoes, makeup and acessories, often a very nice place to shop
I went to buy a new pair of shoes at Nordstrom's because tonight was the prom
by Jane January 01, 2004
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A very upscale department store carrying brands such as True Religion, Citizens of Humanity, and Juicy Couture.
Nordstroms can be found in most malls which have a Guess, Armani Exchange, or Abercrombie.
by onaebla June 26, 2006
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1) An albino male with a long and wide penis that is exposed through the lining of the albino male’s pants .
2)Albino Male sometimes referred to as a pussy slayer.
1) Wow Kisha, look over there! Nordstrom at food court! And omg he is wearing leather pants!
2) Steve in accounting is so funny and sweet! His abs look so amazing, his pale ass is such a Nordstrom!
by ShinJasonMabus October 03, 2017
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