Some guy: That girl has a huge dumpy!
Another guy: I know right that's huge!
by grebmachine August 27, 2021
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you got one biiig dumpy bro
by excape December 15, 2019
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referring to someones/somthings ass
yo ima kick you in your fucking dumpy if you touch me agian jamie.

by hairy trodder August 29, 2006
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(adj.) Pertaining to an object, person or other creature whose appearance suggests that he/she/it was obtained from, or dwells in, a dump.
by Dr Fruitcake June 3, 2005
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My girlfriend doesn't like the word blumpkin because her parents over hear us talking so we say dumpy. Once I said to her "Hey let's go to the men's room for some dumpies"
by Joel B. Meyer October 19, 2012
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adj. One who is sloppy, unusual amounts of body hair, particularly in eyebrow area. See Brad or chunky. May be associated with foul odors of beef jerky and/or dumpster. Usually untidy in appearance and lifestyle, overall revolting to general public.
Brad is dumpy like Margaret Perrin aka God Warrior.
by John Hugoniot December 17, 2005
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A girl that has a saggin' ass. Not necessarily a huge ass, just a bad, slightly overweight droopy ass.
That girl is dumpy.
by dunz January 16, 2004
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