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A very expensive brand. All jean material and jeans bought by mostly African-Americans and partly foreigns. Usually to show off and show people that they bought a $500 pair of jeans. Wow! If you get caught wearing a fake pair you will get humiliated and put on instagram and twitter for wearing a replica. Detroit Niggas are known for wearing true religion jeans and the jacket.
Nigga 1: Damn, you got the white trues!?
Nigga 2: Hell yeah bruh with the retro Jordan 5's.

Nigga 1:True religion everything! Me and my squad boutta hit up the club later wanna come?
Nigga 2: Niggaaaa! Yeah!
by alysse pablo June 23, 2014
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Great jeans brand! Great fit. Mentioned in "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas.
"Seven jeans and True religion, I say no but they keep givin'" -Black Eyed Peas
by Julian EM April 24, 2006
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