48 definitions by Jane

When a guy and girl are having sex while she's on her period, he pulls out and jizzes on her cunt. He then precedes to perform oral sex on her.
Bob and Jane are really into that cherry pie a la mode.
by Jane April 26, 2004
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a person who parks too close to another person.
way to go, closey mccloserson. you almost scratched my car.
by Jane February 18, 2005
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to say hi to someone in others words its slang for "hey you"
"ayyo,what you been up to??
by Jane November 14, 2003
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endearing use of little - lil used with bitch Babe In Total Control of Herself, and that's my Sara!
One lil respected gal who is in total control of herself.
by Jane March 11, 2004
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it's an emotion that has a power over you to make you desperately sad or overly happy... it will be how you want it to be
why dont you love me?

i think im in love with you...
by Jane March 27, 2005
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