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Angelika was leaving work early for a sultry nooning session. The nooning on the kitchen counter, wearing only pearls was a heavenly rendezvous in the middle of the work day.
by Laurgelika January 14, 2009
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Pete and John were spooning last night!
Nahh, they were naked... they were nooning ;)
by ringo87536 October 28, 2010
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The act of showing your frontal genitals to a person or persons. The opposite of mooning, by showing your rear end.
I went nooning last night and showed group of people outside a bar my penis.
by Stink Engine March 01, 2016
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Used to describe either an Antipodean chancer - someone who is full of BS when trying to sell a product or service - Or used to describe the act of screwing someone (e.g. a member of staff) over on the price of a product or service.
He nooningsed me yesterday, he told me it should be done for a low price, but he has no idea whats actually involved in providing the product or service. I've been fucked over. Or "He's such a noonings".
by Fred1555 April 05, 2011
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