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- An app meant for posting funny pictures & GIFs. Originally meant for people aged 17+. Now overrun by prepubescent 12-year-olds who worship Jennifer Lawrence & Will Ferrell & post "offensive" content which is basically just the same 9/11 jokes recycled again & again.
- The 20 featured works that come out 3 times a day are basically softcore porn with a half-assed joke attached to it. On iFunny, if you post a picture of just boobs - banned. But if you post a picture of boobs with a shitty joke to go along with it - featured.
- Nowadays, there aren't many on iFunny who post original content. Most of the things they post are reposts from Reddit or 4Chan.
- The popular users are often the only ones featured, & the normal users complain about this, saying they should have a chance. However, when a normal user does get featured, people complain that it's not funny.
- iFunny is no longer a comedy app, but a hierarchy. If you're not a straight white conservative Christian male, you will most likely be told to KYS multiple times. It's basically the opposite of Tumblr, even though iFunny users often steal content from there too.
- Some posts that aren't featured are found in a place called Collective. Most of the offensive posts are removed from Collective, leaving the fandoms to take over. Furries, emos, otakus & My Little Pony, to name a few. 99% of the time the content they post isn't even meant to be funny, & there have been recent movements to have them banned.
Person 1: Hey, do you have an iFunny account?
Person 2: I did, but I deleted it.
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Because it's a terrible app.
Person 1: kys faggot
Person 2: ...
Person 1: bush did 9/11

iFunny has gone downhill from when it was first introduced in April 2011. It was given 1 star on Common Sense Media and was featured on in the article "The 8 Worst Apps for Your Children".
by Dark Doo Wop September 12, 2015
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An app that used to be great, but has gone downhill fast. The features used to be funny, but have since turned into a mess of pictures stolen from Reddit and Google. It was also removed from Google Play and the App Store for "fixes," which is just code for "clearing out the child porn." The recent addition of "tags" fucked over any user that wasn't popular before, as did subscriptions before that.
Friend: "I'm thinking of downloading iFunny!"
Me: "Don't do it."
Friend: "But why no-"
Me: "Just don't."
by bobistheword July 01, 2015
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iFunny- An app where users can post pictures, rage comics, gifs and videos in hopes to get selected by the iFunny team to have their work put in a collection of 40 pics a day called the featured section which is viewed by tens of thousands people a day.

It has also gotten very much hate because many pictures featured are stolen from reddit or other sites and/or the featured pictures are usually only pictures from a selection of users who suck up to a member of the iFunny team(chef) on twitter.

It has also been losing popularity ever since they made it so you can subscribe to users making it hard for new and upcoming users to get featured.
"Hey, have you been on iFunny lately?"
"Nah bro, the app's just been going down hill from the start."
by Cookies_and_bananas233 December 23, 2013
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Stolen memes and scribbled over watermarks.When your memes get stole the thief gets featured
iFunny has the best dank memes
by harambesworld February 09, 2017
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The app where you can post comedy. Also, the same app that only features 5 people and takes 15 hours to decide to feature the same 5 people. Otherwise, the same post will get featured 5 times.
"Hey did you see the new set of features on iFunny?"

"Yeah it was that repost from the guy that has over 200 features"
by EngageTheFunnies April 26, 2016
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iFunny is a comedy app. Every day it features "funny" photos. They used to be good, but now they're shit. Still, iFunny has some good shit. Browse collective and make a good collection of subscriptions. Beware- In collective you'll find really disgraceful content, my favorite being a boy that wears diapers. I warned you.
iFunny's featuring team must be plastered when they select the features.
by Cuckslapper360 June 09, 2016
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An image sharing site that is intended for humorous purposes. Unfortunately, the site is filled with reposts and users who spend their days shagging bibles and spewing vile racist, sectarian and homophobic abuse
Person 1: Hey did you go on ifunny today?
Person 2: I did. I saw the same pictures I saw 2 weeks ago and I also saw a gay person get abused
by a98 July 06, 2015
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