It doesn't exist. Whoever sent you here is lying, there is absolutely no app called ifunny. All the other definitions are talking about an urban legend, obviously. Ifunny is not real.
joe: bro the ifunny features today were shit.
mama: you know what happens when you speak of the cursed app in public. prepare to get terminated.
by jay010 September 29, 2020
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iFunny- An app where users can post pictures, rage comics, gifs and videos in hopes to get selected by the iFunny team to have their work put in a collection of 40 pics a day called the featured section which is viewed by tens of thousands people a day.

It has also gotten very much hate because many pictures featured are stolen from reddit or other sites and/or the featured pictures are usually only pictures from a selection of users who suck up to a member of the iFunny team(chef) on twitter.

It has also been losing popularity ever since they made it so you can subscribe to users making it hard for new and upcoming users to get featured.
"Hey, have you been on iFunny lately?"
"Nah bro, the app's just been going down hill from the start."
by Cookies_and_bananas233 December 23, 2013
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An app available on the App Store and Google Play. Originally intended for comedic use, it quickly devolved into a miasma of mixed internet energies. For a long time, only popular users would be "featured" in a set of 20 images that come out 3 or 4 times a day. However, the app developers have introduced #FirstFeat Fridays and #SmolBoi Saturdays. While a look at the features makes the app seem lackluster and full of unfunny, stolen memes from various other sites, these memes are chosen by those who run the app, and are about the same level of representation as the Trending Page on YouTube. The app contains multitudes of different factions, all vying for the others' elimination. Factions include the Offensives, iPolitics, Furries, Car People, Emos, Weebs, Otakus, and SJW's (although it may be disputed whether or not they are part of iPolitics). There are a multitude of themed accounts as well, ranging from the Deep Web all the way to Game of Thrones. While on the surface iFunny may seem a pathetic excuse for an app, the underworld is often entertaining to watch. However, beware, for the one thing the features do represent for the app is the art of the meme steal. You may find stolen memes across the internet, but the largest collection of them is on iFunny. Watermarks will not save you. At its very core, iFunny's central meme economy is entirely based off of stolen memes, and if you want to find posts from all over the internet, this is the place for you.
Person1: Hey, I heard you downloaded iFunny.
Person2: Yeah, but I'm about to delete it. The features aren't that funny and collective is a mine field...
Person1: Yeah, don't waste your time with features, here are a couple accounts to subscribe to, and branch out from there.
Person3, in the background: Goddamnit iFunny, I stole that meme first! I should be the one who gets featured, not the guy who already had 300!
by Poseidon_ January 27, 2018
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Stolen memes and scribbled over watermarks.When your memes get stole the thief gets featured
iFunny has the best dank memes
by harambesworld February 09, 2017
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iFunny is a comedy app. Every day it features "funny" photos. They used to be good, but now they're shit. Still, iFunny has some good shit. Browse collective and make a good collection of subscriptions. Beware- In collective you'll find really disgraceful content, my favorite being a boy that wears diapers. I warned you.
iFunny's featuring team must be plastered when they select the features.
by Cuckslapper360 June 09, 2016
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The app where you can post comedy. Also, the same app that only features 5 people and takes 15 hours to decide to feature the same 5 people. Otherwise, the same post will get featured 5 times.
"Hey did you see the new set of features on iFunny?"

"Yeah it was that repost from the guy that has over 200 features"
by EngageTheFunnies January 15, 2016
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iFunny is a so called "comedy" app that you can download on the app store or the google play store. Specifically, it is the worst comedy site on the planet. 70% of content is stolen Reddit, 10% from Tumblr, 10% also stolen from 4chan. And it's even worse when they make their own original content. 90% of the users are autistic sheep that will literally suck a popular users' Dick and will "cry" if they leave the app. They also have the shittiest sense of humor, and will report ANYTHING that is even MINORLY OFFENSIVE. The features are not worth looking at because they are literally THE SAME FUCKING JOKES OVER AND OVER AGAIN EVERY TIME. But wait, let's not forget of the horrible and cancerous jokes and trends that originate from this autistic cesspool of an app. iFunny users worship Kate Upton (even though she's not that attractive compared to other models), Will Ferrell and Will Smith (even though they most likely never seen a movie with them), Ariana Grande (she's not that pretty, get the fuck over it), Eminem (rap sucks), and emo faggots whole listen to tasteless bands pollute this app with their shitty bands like Pierce the Veil and Suicide Silence. And the worst of all, the shitty fandoms. Fandoms are the cancer of iFaggot, and fandoms like bronies, furries, and emofags ruin this app as a whole. iFunny is pretty much the bastard child of 9gag and Funnyjunk

Average Joe: "I just got a pet tarantula, and Kate Upton isn't that hot"


Average Joe: *blasts iFaggot users' head off with a buckshot*
by KipzLeSirMud January 03, 2014
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