An award given out by the Norwegian-based Nobel committee. In the dark and oppressive capitalistic society of the 20th century, the prize was one of the most coveted and hard to win of all the Nobel prizes, given only to people who actually, like DID something, such as devoting their lives to the service of others or some other worthless garbage.

In the more enlightened recent age, thankfully, this unfair requirement no longer exists. One merely needs to be able to TALK about doing good things, at length and with great charisma. Whether you actually follow through on your promises is no longer relevant. 2009's prize being awarded to Barack Obama is a huge step in this direction.

At the rate things are going, by 2015 we can expect to see the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to the first player to collect Pacific Avenue, North Carolina Avenue, and Pacific Avenue in the McDonald's Monopoly sweepstakes. This is truly a great time to be alive.
I just won the Nobel Peace Prize! I'm lovin' it!
by Jett October 15, 2009
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1. An award now given out frivolously.
2. An award given to President Barack Obama based on his first 17 days in office. The nomination deadline for the prize was 17 days after he took office.
3. An award given the President Barack Obama on the basis of the "hope" he inspires and what he "might" do while President.
The Nobel Peace Prize is yet another attempt to apologize for slavery.
by Markwonder October 9, 2009
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The prize for people who don't want a prize.
Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize after giving away every other prize she had.
by 7R3 May 2, 2009
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A pejorative term for a meaningless award with a grandiose name given when a mere pat on the back would suffice.
My wife gave me a good back rub last night. She deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for that.
by pyrodoctor October 10, 2009
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Something given to war criminals.
Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize and proceeded to bomb brown children.
by EmeraldGod April 25, 2023
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Code for hot chick wearing yoga pants because whoever started the trend deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.
Nobel Peace Prize 10 O'clock!
by Dirty Dave69 March 22, 2018
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"My favorite guy Hitler got the Nobel Peace Prize and Man of the Year in 1938! He's so cool!"
by atticusnari February 7, 2020
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