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Cumming over a womans face while she protects he hair with a towel.
She let me cum over her face last night but insisted on covering her hair. It was like wanking off over Mother Teresa!
by Spikemac October 26, 2012
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A person who is publicly charitable for personal gain.
Dave is such a Mother Teresa. Did you see him flashing the cash at that benefit gig with his new girlfriend?
by TrismegistusIII August 14, 2016
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The act of resting/sleeping cocooned under the covers after a long session, in the style of Mother Teresa resting in her death bed (see This session could be after exercise/shagging/drinking. A mother teresa can last anything between two minutes and a day. It is most commonly used in dire situations, such as betweeen finishing a session and having a shower or eating.

M dot T always comes first.
1. Jack: 'Ahh man I had such a long shag last night, i'm in need of a serious M dot T'

2. Adam: 'I've only got two minutes until school, time for a mother teresa me thinks, otherwise those bitches are gonaa be on my back all day...'

2.Jack C: Man Jack B, all you do is Mother Teresa all day long, why are you so tired all day long?!'

JackB: It's because of all those Troff times i've been having.
by Back from the grave January 07, 2012
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Pull three fingers out of a girl and bless her with her own holy water.
Quintel gave Shaniqua a Mother Teresa at the end of that porno.

I was so excited, I gave the television a Holy Ghost.
by FatButtLarry May 08, 2007
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A word to use when you see something HUGE!!
' Fuck that dick is motherteresa'


'Fuck that motherteresa of a bitch is hellaugly'
by BADGENALDO August 21, 2009
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