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There are two types of flash mobs:

Caucasian flash mob - Mainly Caucasians and a few Asians who come together to unexpectedly entertain or confuse an existing crowd of people. Features some light-hearted performance or a surprise random form of entertainment.

African flash mob - Mainly Africans and a few hispanics who come together to unexpectedly rob or vandalize a business establishment. Features the surprise theft or destruction of the business owner's property and/or inventory.
1. Christie and Lynn were sopranos in the large chorus flash mob that unexpectedly broke into "Silent Night" for the crowd at the mall courtyard during Christmas Eve last year.

2. Shaqueefa and Lashawnda each stole over $400 in candy, beef jerky and menthol cigarettes and smashed windows and displays as part of the large flash mob that overwhelmed the Qwiktrip last week causing untold damage to the store and injury to the owner.
by Markwonder August 19, 2011

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1. An award now given out frivolously.
2. An award given to President Barack Obama based on his first 17 days in office. The nomination deadline for the prize was 17 days after he took office.
3. An award given the President Barack Obama on the basis of the "hope" he inspires and what he "might" do while President.
The Nobel Peace Prize is yet another attempt to apologize for slavery.
by Markwonder October 09, 2009

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The point at which the friendship with your sweetheart ends and becomes a business relationship.

The point at which you stop having fun and take on responsibility for yourself and your new wife.

The end of your life as you once knew it.
Marriage is a lot like playing cards.

You start out giving a heart and a diamond, and end up wishing for a club and a spade.
by Markwonder January 10, 2011

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A game where you are given a choice between two embarassing scenarios and you have to choose one.
Would you rather have a threesome with your parents and nobody find out?


Not have a threesome with your parents and have everybody think you did?
by markwonder November 16, 2010

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What Joe Biden thinks you are if you ask him to lower the U.S. citizens' tax burden.
While visiting Kopp's frozen custard shop in Milwaukee where smart-ass Custard Shop Manager Scott Borkin was on duty, Vice President Joe Biden was sampling some of the tasty treats.

Biden: "What do I owe you for the delicious custard?"

Smart-ass Custard Shop Manager Scott Borkin: “Don’t worry, it’s on the house. … Lower our taxes and we’ll call it even.”

Biden: “Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a Smart–ass all the time?”

Smart-ass Custard Shop Manager Scott Borkin: (Thinking) This motherfucker just lost my vote.
by markwonder August 30, 2010

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Old person speak for smartass.
That Emmet Wickersham is a real wiseacre, I tell you. I caught him stealing checkers off the board while I was looking at Lawrence Welk on the television set." "If he tries that just one more time, I'm calling the nurse."
by Markwonder August 30, 2010

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A type of laugh common amongst Africans. The nigger chuckle is generally performed while holding a loose fist to the mouth followed by a few subtle short laughs then by three or more rasping utterances produced in the back of the mouth.
1. Example Nigger Chuckle: Yo. Treon say Chiante bref so bad dat he din't know whether to offer her a tic tac or toilet paper! Heh, Heh, Heh, chhcckkk, chhcckkk, chhcckk!
by Markwonder September 20, 2011

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