Nobel is the cutest, kindest, and the most thoughtful person you will ever meet, but his best feature are his looks if he is your boyfriend then WOW 🤩 you’re the luckiest person ever. He is just the hottest person ever 🥵
That guy is sooooo cute he is a Nobel.
by alexsereal07 October 2, 2019
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being soooo damny sexy it hurts
damn that guy was sooooooo nobel
by johny crawford July 11, 2008
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To wander aimlessly without purpose or direction.
to not know what the hell you are doing.
Mike is drunk and nobeling again.
by spidervillen February 20, 2009
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adj. 1) Over-rated; overblown; pompous;

2) Swedish.

Hey Sven. I like your nobel Volvo!

Thanking you!

I'm being sarcastic Sven.

Thanking you!
by gnostic1 October 8, 2011
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Giving an award as part of encouragement or anticipation, despite the basis on which it is supposed to be awarded.
1. Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize, despite being nominated less than two weeks after assuming office.

2. Failing student: Teacher, May I have an A for the semester?
Teacher: Why should I?
Failing Student: I believe it will motivate me to get an A in the next semester.
Teacher (using Nobel Logic): Alright, you have an A. However I expect you to get an A next semester.
Failing student: Unfortunately, I already have an A, so I don't really need to try next semester, I am already satisfied.
by notonthenobelcommittee October 10, 2009
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Inspiring world peace one cum shot at a time. Keeping your girlfriend kind to the world be giving her orgasmic sex.
Thanks to his nobel penis I have had a shot of kindness and am spreading joy today. I'm so thankful for his punctual penis.
by Amphibious Goddess December 22, 2016
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Alfred Nobel is a scientist from sweden who invented the dynamite. he lived between 1833 and 1896. He died in San Remo in Italy. During the time he died he had three houses. one in france, italy and sweden. He lived in Karlskoga in Sweden. The only reason that the nobel prize is given out in Sweden is that he had his white russian horses in his stable in Karlskoga.
Alfred Nobel var en mycket klok man.

Alfred Nobel was a very wise man.
by Per W September 17, 2007
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