Constance: He asked me out
Isabel: What did you say?
Constance: No way Jose!
by $hane Mcmahon January 22, 2014
Old timer's vernacular, used to express disbelief or disagreement. You can also use it to say "no" to someone named Jose.
Nancy: Fred, I'm pregnant.
Fred: No way, Jose!

Jose: Dude, can I borrow ten bucks?
Mike: No way, Jose.
by sammabanana August 19, 2007
one of Michelle Tanner famous catch phrases from Full House. If only the Olsen's were on Fuller house spinoff.
when Joey shows Michelle the dancing flower, she replies "No way Jose"
by 000CAta April 9, 2017
You let Jose know that that road is a dead end.
No-way-Jose! Try the E66. It will get you to Atlantic City in a jffy!
by Meh99 January 16, 2016
a person, typically an illegal alien, who rides his bicycle against traffic in violation of the law . Usually a wrong way jose will ride in low light conditions without using lights or reflectors
That wrong way jose is going to get hit one day.
by Bike Man November 12, 2009