doing or has done something wrong
you see that boy over there is in violation for robbing an old man last night
by tuffpuff January 28, 2010
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When someone steps over the line during an argument or discussion, does or say some disrespectful shit. NYC slang
bryan: that’s why your shoes cooked (discussion)
jay: that’s why yo mama dead, dead asf.

bryan: ....
jay: what does she have on her feet?
the crowd: NAAA YOU VIOLATED BRUH(laughing)
by danex.vr August 29, 2019
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when someone says something/ does something that insults you, like a diss.
1. “That’s what your sister said last night”
”Are you gonna take that violation Adam?!”
by daddy toogood December 21, 2019
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(Slang) A term used to describe dissing someone, or verbally owning someone. Commonly used in New York.
Boy 1- Your momma!
Boy-2- Shut up before I deport ya son...



Innocent guy stands, dude comes in...

Dude: You so ugly you came out the haunted house with a job application!

Innocent guy: Stop violating son!
by McLovinWroteThis April 9, 2010
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Violating Is a term used by African Americans Males Usually From New York Meaning to verbally take it to far which could start a fight or to put there hands on them the wrong way which also leads to a fight.
yo ma nigguh u be violating wit em momma jokes

****punches the kid who made the jokes in the face****
by WhiteBOyWITblackBRAIN July 11, 2009
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This slang term most likely originated in Brooklyn and is said when someone says something or does something that is considered "wrong" or "going too far." Usually in a situation where a group of friends are joking around and one says something extremely offensive.
Tom: Hey Tiffany, tell your boobs to stop pointing at me!

Tiffany: Ha-ha! Don't be stupid, it's cold outside!

Jason: Yeah it must be cold everyday then...

Tiffany: Ha-ha!!

Bob: Tiffany, you have a moustache.

Tiffany: .....

Jason: Oh, that's violation...
by Rattlesnake316 September 22, 2007
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When something happens to a person that is not wanted.
by Zimoon February 13, 2009
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