Isabel an amazing person, has a really pretty name, and is a beautiful girl! You will admire her right when you see her. Her laugh is adorable, everyone wants her laugh! She is that kind of person that laughs and then makes you have to laugh. She is adorable, pretty, funny, and doesn't care if you have a weird laugh, or may not be the most popular kid in school, you could have a weird shaped nose, but she doesn't be friends with you for what you look like! She is always a kind, and trusting person. She is the most Amazing girl!
"Wow I need a Isabel by me right now!"
by sophie woofie November 11, 2014
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Isabel's are the nicest people you could ever meet. They put others before themselves and give the best hug ever!! They comfort you and will always be there for you. They love spending time with their friends and are really genuine. Isabel's are always ready to try news things. They're pretty, creative and smart. If you know an Isabel you're a very very lucky person!
Random: I need a hug :(

You: Quick lets find Isabel!
by Ilovewatermelonmorethanyou September 11, 2013
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Beautiful, smart, and strong lady, she is very sweet unless you're in her bad side, don't get on Isabels bad side.
Isabel is so strong, she took on aarionna and almost won!!!!
by blubird1103 March 5, 2015
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Isabel is so beautiful. She has eyes that can take you to a whole other world. Hair that flows like a river and a smile that could any mans heart melt. No girl can compare with anything she does.
Isabel is so much more beautiful than a sunset over the mountain.
by FromMI2CO- May 7, 2016
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"Belle"is French root word for beautiful. - Isabel brings joy and laughter to people being shy at first but once you get to know her she is always smiling, being goofy and playful. Isabels are intelligent and beautiful having the most beautifulest eyes who fall in love easily and have many guy bestfriends wishing they were in her boyfriends place.
"That Isabel is funny and really pretty"
by jazzy_leanne November 10, 2013
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Isabel is a beautiful, smart, funny, and very creative girl. She has a both girl and tomboyish side to her. She is very popular, and has all the guys crushing on her. Everyone says how pretty she is, but she doesn't always believe it. Isabel is a very kind, and sweet girl. But get on her bad side and you will regret it. Don't ever underestimate her! (Also she got HELLA HOES)
Girl: I wish I were more like Isabel, she can have any guy she wants :(
Girls Friend: Me too :( she's so perfect
by Maya.Love.368 February 22, 2017
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A gorgeous girl with an amazing personality, shes amazing in every way - inside and out.
People are so totally jealous all the time of Isabel and call her a slut and a bitch, but doesn't let hate get to her..
Everyone is attracted to her.
Isabels looks for the personality of a boy, not the face.. but she does flirt with lots of boys and checks out nearly every hot guy that walks by her.
"Did you hear Rebecca called Isabel a slut?!?"
"Ohmygod i heard, if anything Rebeccas the slut."
by LOL LOL LOL HI HAIIIII April 30, 2013
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