When its cold outside, you say "its all nips out here"
meaning: when a person gets cold, their nipples poke out."
or a slang for nippy or nipples.
its all nips out here!
by SpankyyBoo March 17, 2011
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1. (slang) Nut In Pants
2. The act of ejaculating in your pants as a result of a lap dance at a strip club. Usually results in a sticky and uncomfortable rest of the night for the perpetrator.
Dave tried to stop himself, but the stripper was so hot he caught a NIP.
by J Tafe July 15, 2008
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A word that refers to the word nipples but can be used in any circumstance when no other word comes to mind. If somebody does something weird or exciting you can go "nips". Usually used to make fun of someone or get people confused. If you want to say something abnoxious you can just say "nips". It can also be used when you are upset that you did something and can replace words like fuck and shit. You could say "o nip" instead of "o shit".
John: I am really good at basketball
Me: nips
by C-town baller April 12, 2007
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A nickname for "Cheese Nips". A delicious snack with a burst of mouth-watering, cheesy flavor. Made with real Kraft cheese.
Would you care for some Cheese Nips?
by Crispitos September 04, 2003
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A hamburger as known in Winnipeg, Canada (especially at the Salisbury House chain of restuarants.
"I'll have a nip and fries."
by John R1 February 06, 2007
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