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A Japanese cyborg ninja with advanced robotics yet somehow always needs healing
by DoggoPupper February 13, 2017
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Playable class in overwatch. Originally from japa- I NEED HEALING! Genji, stop it. Yes, genji needs healing. Always. And when he doesnt need hea- I NEED H E A L I N G!¡! OKAY, he needs healing. His brother is hanzo, another japanese weeaboo. Enjoys dragons. Talks to his sword when he's lonely. Doesn't like australians. Also occasionally- I N E E D H E A L I N G !!!11¡‼11ONE1oneone!!
"I don't understand why all of the pro players main genji..."
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by HighPitchedDemonicScreeching September 07, 2017
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The weeb of overwatch. Has a very hot ass. People who main genji are usually weebs themselves
Person 1: Yoooo did you know jenna was a genji main?

Person 2: Well she is a fucking weeb herself
by Phartistics January 15, 2017
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n. (1) Alternate name for the Minamoto Clan in the medieval Japanese history

(2) The serial pedophile, sexist, rapist, seducer, kidnapper, politically scheming, incestous, insensitive, psychologically disturbed title charactor of the great Japanese Heian classic, "The Tale of Genji" who uses karma, elocution, guile, intimidation, and his unnaturally good looks to get into the pants of any woman (married or otherwise), girl, boy, and a very specific Empress.

v. (1) To in any way resemble, through actions, stories, by use of waka, or through hauntingly otherworldly looks, Genji, the title Character of "The Tale of Genji"

(2) To spend so much time in discussion about "The Tale of Genji, that you forget that there do exist non-sexually predicating protagonists

(3) to sleep with the Emperor's wife (who ironically is the doer's cousin and is a spitting image of the doer's mother), impregnate her, and place the resulting child on the throne.
"Kill the Genji!" -The Heike (Taira Clan)

"Man, Genji is such a skank!" *hits Genji hard*

"Help! I'm being genjied!" screamed the rape victim.

"Come for your mistress at dawn," remarked Genji smugly as the drunk Utsusemi wondering at what genjiing she would be subjected to before dawn would come.

Man, I genjied so much this semester . . ." *clutches head*

"Damn! I've been Genjiied! But then again, Reizei is cute..." -Kiritsubo Emperor
by dareka December 06, 2007
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Stop using fucking genji i swear to God i will tear your dick of your fucking head and glue it where it's supposed to be.
Dickhead-"Yo dude i think i'll start playing as genji"

Everyone else-"stop"
by Pick A Healer! January 28, 2017
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(n) A 13 year old boy that stays at home and trys to rack up as many kills as he can get in Conterstrike:CZ

(n) Manford

(n) TheKid

(v) pulling a Genji- the act of getting 3 head shot's in a row
quit acting like such a Genji

I think I'll go Genji around on the computer
by ]HM[.Genji.r November 24, 2006
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