All action, all star sequel to the popular black comedy 'The Great war' (later retconned to 'World War one'). Hailed as a masterpeice by critics for it's combination of epic action, gritty realism, dark comedy, international espionage and feel good ending, although some have critised the overt nationalism and stereotypical lead villian (Adolf Hitler).It also provided a springboard for new international stars such as the U.S.A, the U.S.S.R as well as providing a fitting coda for some ageing stars such as the British and French Empires.


The story starts in 1939 and continues 20 years after the previous installment finished with a powerful new Germany (dubbed 'The Nazis' in this instalment) allying itself with a few like minded countries and invading Poland.
Although the good guys ( Britian and France) attempt to halt the Reich France quickly succumbs to the bad guy, the march on Paris being the most chilling early sequence in the tale, leaving the British Empire to stand alone against the evil of the Nazis, which by now emcompasses virtually all of Europe. Although later overshadowed by the appearence of the newcomers, The U.S.A and Russia (who would both go on to become major stars in their own right) Britains war against Germany provides some great thrills including The Battle of Britain, U-Boats in the North Atlantic and The Blitzkreig, which have led many critics to call Britians portrayl of a plucky little country standing up for itself as a career best, or 'Their Finest Hour'.
The Nazis surprise assuallt on Russia and Japans equally surprising decleration of war on the U.S kicks the action into an even higher gear with the Attack on Pearl Harbour and The Seige of Stalingrad being two spectactular high points.

This sets the stage for the explosive third act which pulls out all the stops for an unforgettable finale in which the allies mount a comperhensive assault on nazi controlled Europe, the D-Day landings being the stand out scene, and the final defeat of the nazis. After this the story carries on for a few months after this with allies war on the Japanese providing a suitably explosive, although moral ambigous, ending which uses cutting edge technology to portray the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The final coda to the story sets up the inevitable sequel 'The Cold War', a espionage thriller starring the U.S.A and Russia (now renamed The U.S.S.R), plus the many lower budget spin offs including 'The Arab-Israeli Conflict', 'The Korean War', 'The Afghanistan War' and it's sequel 'Iraq/Afghanistan'.
It's been sixty years since World War 2 was released, do you think they'll ever get round to making a sequel?
by ElBastardo June 20, 2009
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Look i know i said that Tylers first major recreational activity was 9/11 but really it was world war 2
Guy 1: Damn world war 2 sucks
Guy 2: blame Tyler
by Lewis. E August 29, 2023
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The war where the europian allied powers did most of the frontwork. But United States cleaned it all up when they invaded Omaha and then nuked Japan. All the Soviet Union did was have shitty weather.
World War 1 but like 10x better and yet worser, Also World War 2 makes the best movies.
by The Great American August 13, 2008
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Started by Germany and Japan, finished by Russia and America (we helped as well), some very nasty stuff went on as well on ALL sides, I dont have time to go into it, its best left in the past though.
Hitler 1945: FFS, whats all these explosions?

Goebbles: Thats the Russians Mein Fuhrer, I dont think theyre very happy with you.

Hitler: Oh fuck, I guessed that means weve lost World War 2 then?

Goebbles: fraid so.
by Poindexter1 February 13, 2007
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A war happened in 1943-1945

Pre-world war two in 1939 active by germany and japan movement in acquiring territorial.

The coolest war of all time.

The most famous ww2 story is the D-DAY; airborne 101st normandie, The beach landing and the french resistance with beautiful SOE spies and SS doctrine. Hitler is the most famous person in WW2, 2nd place with 4 candidates is; romeld,patton,Churchill, tom hank, and easy company.
Tom and Jerry was about to fight when Tom said, "Jerry, where do you get your lunch meal from?" "From your Uncle Sam!" and launch a flying balloon at Tommy head, provoking Tom to cried and call uncle sam to help. Uncle Sam told Tom to play nice or he will come back and woopaaasssz Tom behind, later at dinner time, Tom and Jerry being neighbor come out and play. Tom beats Jerry in marble and took all of it. Jerry was about to left when his other neighbor Stalin from a difference town school came out and was challenge by Tom to conquer his marble. Uncle Sam came out with a lot more marble. Uncle Sam side Jerry and help Stalin to play against Tom who now seem be losing his marble. Soon Tom had no marble left and Tom cried. That end the world war 2.
by Soldiermorph October 5, 2010
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World War 2 was a global war after World War 1 or The Great War. World War 2 is also the deadliest conflict in history with over 70-85 million deaths, so for a simplified explanation of it here it is
some day a man called hitler the fuhrer of nazi germany decided to invade poland with the soviet too starting ww2 and both uk and france declares war but didn't do anything except launch a small offensive into the saarland then hitler and stalin divided poland then hitler invades denmark and norway because uk is blockading iron supplies from sweden then hitler invaded the benelux then france then the french government surrenders and hitler decided to occupy some of the north and france became a puppet called vichy france then hitler plans a invasion to uk called operation sealord starting with some bombings then churchill decided to launch a small bombing to berlin which made hitler focus bombing london, and they can't launch an invasion because the british rule the waves so he decided to invade soviet union but then italy struggles against greece which made hitler invades yugoslavia and greece then he launch operation barbarossa which also has the largest battle in history which is battle of stalingrad then the us, uk,canada and some other which i forgor then they launch the largest seaborne invasion called operation overlord or so called d-day the deadliest beach was omaha then the soviet push germany all the way to berlin making them surrender then the us nukes japan 2 times ending ww2 (if theres mistakes then idk) also world war 2 is a global war since urban dictionary didn't allow me if i dont define it
by LearningHistory May 20, 2022
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World War 2 is a war that started because of Adolph Hitler.
I saw World War 2
by Maxiiii56 [BOT CREATOR] April 28, 2021
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