a term used to describe one who is unappealing to the eye; ugly.
Girl 1: Wow, your sister is so pretty!
Girl 2: Thanks, but i'm cut glass!
Girl 1: Um, no way! You're like crazy adorable!<3
by Maria's bestieeeee:] April 23, 2008
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When ones nipples become so hard, they could cut glass.
Person: I am cutting glass from the cold weather outside!
Other Person: Yeah, I wish Anne Coulter would go home.
by CoHGeek November 02, 2007
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when its so cold, and your nipples are so hard, they can actually cut thru glass, much like a diamond...
Girl : Oh my god its cold out today
Guy : How cold is it?
Girl : Its nipples cutting glass cold
by TreyTrey June 03, 2007
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A term used to mock the Irish and Irish-American middle class.
Neither a lace curtain Irishman nor a shanty Irishman, a cut glass Irishman is a thing of its own.
by WreckingBar December 09, 2018
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