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This name is commonly used for pretty and strange girls. Milena's swore a lot and are really talented, athletic and are hard to get. She's usually shy around people but once you get to know her, you'll likely find her to be really funny and smart. Many guys are dying to be with her and wouldnt want to loose her so they better be loyal. Thats right Milena
"Hey dude you know that new girl Milena ? I wanna hook up with her so bad"
"She's really weird but pretty"
by HandleMe January 07, 2015
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a girl who is strange yet sexy
an amazing find
but hard to keep
"yo i saw Milena today nd she was lookin fiiiiinee"
by keoel December 02, 2007
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Beautiful, smart and voluptous. Quite often this name belongs to a sexy, brunette European with a flair for fashion.
Wow...I wish I as Milena as you are... damn gurl!!!
by Miss Booty September 26, 2006
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An amazing girl, and the best girlfriend. She's hard to keep but when you've got her, she's the best girl. Her boyfriends bestfriends are all jealous.
Sweet, sexy, beautiful and very talented.
Damn, Milena's looking fine today.
by LiveLoveMusicLife November 12, 2011
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A Milena is a very kind girl with a big heart who has many friends and loves one guy from her life, shes nice around everyone and friends(zones) with everyone.;)
Have yout met milena i asked her out but she started laughing all seven times...
by Habluablua May 14, 2017
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Milena is a highly attractive person. She is loving and caring. At first she might seem dark and mysterious, but once you get to know her you'll find her funny, smart and adventurous. She is the best girlfriend a guy can have. She has lots of friends and they lover her because Milena is very social and funny. She loves making new friends. Milena always has one or two close friends and she shares almost everything with them. Milena is the best girlfriend a guy can wish for, she is fun and sexy. She isn't clingy towards her boyfriend. Don't lose her or you'll regret it.
by Lilyyyyy765 August 21, 2018
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