Neve is the smartest most kindhearted girl you'll ever meet. She will improve your life greatly just by being near you. She excel's at everything she does including music, sport and anything academic. She may not dabble in flirting and relationships but you'll know when she finds the one (usually someone beginning with A or T). Seeing as she is so one of the greatest people you will meet she is subject to many compliments which she will accept with the brightest smile before zinging one back. Neve is usually also really pretty with quite defined features, medium brown hair and soft blue eyes. Neve also means eye tooth in other languages which fits perfectly because she is pale (although speckled with a garden of freckles), sharp and painful to leave. If you have Neve in your life, keep her there.
A Name: Wow Neve your eyes are really pretty!!!

Neve: Wow, thanks that's a really nice thing to say.
A name: {Blushes}
Neve: {Blushes}
by Greenygirlvi February 23, 2020
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A cute, beautiful and sexy goddess with the biggest brain and an amazing sense of humour. She may become horny enough to pounce on you and shatter your bones but it will be worth it.

She is a girl that the more you learn about the more interesting she seems: from her taste in music to her amount of time watching streamers on twitch and her incredible artistry.

In romance, a Neve often works worst with people with names starting with J and F but best with people with names ending with L and M.
If you ever have a chance with a Neve, take it, run with it like it's scissors and live happily ever after.
Guy: I think I have a crush on Neve; she's (repeats the definition above)
Girl: That's creepy but I agree and also have a crush on her
Guy and Girl fight to death. Neve walks in, laughs and walks out.
by Has a creepy crush on Neve December 27, 2022
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Neve is the alternative and less common way of spelling Niamh or Nieve. Usually the name 'Neve' indicates a extremely fit girl that usually is a dancer aswell. They are known to be naturally stylish, and very clever yet not a nerd, not forgetting fit. 'Neve' has been adapted from the original translation of 'beautiful' in the Dominic Republic.
by dermymc December 31, 2011
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If you meet a girl named Neve, know that she is the best friend you’ll ever have! She is very smart, yet never a nerd. She has a great sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. She is usually incredibly beautiful, and fit with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very stylish and usually a dancer as well. Neve translates into snow in many languages, so she will usually have whit, fair skin. Sometimes freckles too. They usually are very unique, as the name Neve suggests, and while they may seem standard when you first meet them, take a little bit of time to know them and you will find their personality utterly charming, and incredible. If you meet a Neve, know that she is a lucky find!!
Aw man! I just met a girl named Neve, and she seems really cool!” “ You’re darn right she is!! Neve’s are the most amazing type of girls!”
by My dog is the best April 19, 2018
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Beautiful girl, usually has brown eyes and dark brown hair, huge heart, you don’t want to get into her bad books, she’s a feisty girl and her friends and loved ones are usually very protective over her, she likes some sports, but is usually kinda lazy, but always looking cute and fresh ❤️
Oh god, look at neve
She’s so pretty
by UrBan_YeetErz January 28, 2019
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Neve is the welsh meaning for 'snow' and is godess of sea
Look! Theres so much Neve!
by MemeBoi ;) January 17, 2018
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Warning !! if You meet this girl you
Are extremely lucky. She tends to have brown hair, green eyes and is the
Most lovable,caring person u will ever meet. She isn’t perfect but she will do
Anything to make anyone happy. She is normally a dancer but watch out she can have a really sassy attitude. She has the biggest heart and will never leave your side. She can be emotional and expressive at times. She will never let you
Down. She loves her family and
Friends and she will always listen . However she needs lots of love she is very effectionate . she’s unpredictable and very independent

And when she wants something she will find a way to get it so Good luck

Ps : she’s one of a kind hard to find

She’s a keeper.
defined as Neve
by Jasmine wrench September 1, 2018
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