She is a amazing bestie and girlfriend she stand for you no matter what she is funny sweet don’t get on her bad side that’s not the pretty side otherwise she will never hurt anyone really emotional has loads of friends that care for her appreciates everything she’s a strong loving girl 💋
“Hey how are you?”friend says

“Hello I’m ok you?”replies Neve

When you get on her bad side


Neve again “ omg I’m so sorry I was just angry I didn’t mean to say that sorry”
by Chlo bear 132 October 26, 2019
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A depressed girl usually lesbian. She may try to be trans in her life. A natural brown haired girl but dies it many times in middle-high school. Won't let people I'm easily. Very sarcastic. Probably a little selfish but she is also really nice.
Jeez she is really depressed. Who is she?
That would be neve.
by Ilovedavidwinter December 28, 2017
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'Neve' also known as 'Neveronie' or 'Bad Bitch' is pretty in a YA novel/bella swan type of way. She radiates mysterious girl archetype energy that brings her alot of attention from everyone but not for the right reasons. Neve is beautiful but shes also a great at throwing ass, extremely insightful, and a great person. She is down for anything she is the ride or die you've been looking for. The one that is down for a stick n poke on campus, or going to the beach at 1 am, she is the color yellow and you are Vincent v Gogh. If you treat her right then you know you have a partner in crime forever.
I love Neve she is such a chill person.
by Teddylina55 August 05, 2020
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Neve is a beautiful, outgoing, gorgous girl, and once you meet her, you wont want to leave her. She usually has middle brown hair, with the most soft brown eyes. She has many friends, and may interest many relationships. She's loyal and caring, and will forever be there for you.
Boy 1: OMG who is that over there? she's beautiful.
Girl 1: Oh that's my best friend Neve.

Boy 2: She's absolutely gorgeous!
Girl 1: She's taken. sorry!
by ITLPEC March 09, 2020
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A Neve is a person who does not understand the quality of Haunted Hills. It has 7 chests with pretty good loot, it is also right next to Pleasant Park.
Eric: Let’s go Tilted Towers!
Clayton: Dude you’re such a neve we’re landing at haunted hills.
by Funky lil faggot March 15, 2018
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Fat dumb cunt that sucks big slits with balls dangling out. It’s horse shit and is a mega fag.
Oh for fuck sake it’s that spastic bitch neve
by GodddOfThots October 04, 2018
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