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Neve is the smartest most kindhearted girl you'll ever meet. She will improve your life greatly just by being near you. She excel's at everything she does including music, sport and anything academic. She may not dabble in flirting and relationships but you'll know when she finds the one (usually someone beginning with A or T). Seeing as she is so one of the greatest people you will meet she is subject to many compliments which she will accept with the brightest smile before zinging one back. Neve is usually also really pretty with quite defined features, medium brown hair and soft blue eyes. Neve also means eye tooth in other languages which fits perfectly because she is pale (although speckled with a garden of freckles), sharp and painful to leave. If you have Neve in your life, keep her there.
A Name: Wow Neve your eyes are really pretty!!!

Neve: Wow, thanks that's a really nice thing to say.
A name: {Blushes}
Neve: {Blushes}
by Greenygirlvi February 22, 2020

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