Warning !! if You meet this girl you
Are extremely lucky. She tends to have brown hair, green eyes and is the
Most lovable,caring person u will ever meet. She isn’t perfect but she will do
Anything to make anyone happy. She is normally a dancer but watch out she can have a really sassy attitude. She has the biggest heart and will never leave your side. She can be emotional and expressive at times. She will never let you
Down. She loves her family and
Friends and she will always listen . However she needs lots of love she is very effectionate . she’s unpredictable and very independent

And when she wants something she will find a way to get it so Good luck

Ps : she’s one of a kind hard to find

She’s a keeper.
defined as Neve
by Jasmine wrench September 01, 2018
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Neve is the alternative spelling of Niamh. Neve's are sex bombs and will bang any hot men they see sideways imediatly. Usualy have long brown hair and green eyes. Compatable with men who have names beginning with "J"
by Coolia February 15, 2009
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Neve is a girl who is athletic but not over the top, she’s not a sweaty try hard unless she really needs to be. A neve is usually a dancer as well. She is tall with greenish blue eyes and brown hair. She always appears very optimistic or very bitter, you don’t want to get on her bad side or hurt anyone she cares about because she will make ur life a living hell.
girl #1 : did you hear about tiffany bitch talk neve in study hall?

girl #2 : yea, i heard Neve kicked her ass right when she found out
by UrbanDictionarybb June 26, 2019
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If your lucky enough to meet a her she normally has brown hair and green eyes. She’s got a big heart and is very comforting and loveable. She is funny and will never let you down. She’s very confident but when you get to know her she’s so gentle and inspiring. She’s usually a dancer and loves to keep fit. She is down to earth and loves her family and friends and will always be there for you. No matter what troubles face her she will rise through it all so whatever you do don’t get in her bad books. And watch out she isn’t average she’s unpredictable and that girl can turn your life around .)
Also Defined Neve.
by Jasmine wrench September 01, 2018
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People with the name neve are normally kind, beautiful, caring girls with a massive heart who often have brown hair. You will have to look out for because they often have anxiety and depression
Look she’s so beautiful but she doesn’t see it. Her name bust be neve
by Jasminekmb April 20, 2018
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honestly she is drop dead gorgeous and the most amazing person you will ever meet. neve is the type of person that can brighten up your day with one smile. talking to her is the best way to spend your time and you won’t regret it. she loves being softly tickled and she like having someone to just listen and give her attention. love her while you can because you don’t wanna mess things up with her.
guy 1: oh your talking to neve
guy 2: yh

guy1: why are you wasting your time
guy 2: she is the most beautiful girl ever and her hair is so perfect and her smile is amazing and her eyes are blessed

guy 1: gay
by you finna have my babies April 22, 2019
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Neve is an amazing woman with a great personality and a great Hearted person that will never let you down so I you either know a neve don’t let her go and a sexy beast don’t let her go
Neve is so cute
by Ollly April 02, 2018
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