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If you meet a girl named Neve, know that she is the best friend you’ll ever have! She is very smart, yet never a nerd. She has a great sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. She is usually incredibly beautiful, and fit with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very stylish and usually a dancer as well. Neve translates into snow in many languages, so she will usually have whit, fair skin. Sometimes freckles too. They usually are very unique, as the name Neve suggests, and while they may seem standard when you first meet them, take a little bit of time to know them and you will find their personality utterly charming, and incredible. If you meet a Neve, know that she is a lucky find!!
“Aw man! I just met a girl named Neve, and she seems really cool!” “ You’re darn right she is!! Neve’s are the most amazing type of girls!”
by My dog is the best April 19, 2018

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A chill, low energy party or sorts; boring chill session usually with either friends or acquaintances. Usually a more formal or civilized version of a hangout among friends.
“I’ve just been having a bit of a Leary with the lads for the past hour. We’ve just been talking and eating in the park. Nothing really going on.”
by My dog is the best November 16, 2019

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