Actual dumb cunt who is a mega fag and everyone hopes she dies. Has a 12 inch penis that dangles a massive slit under it. Fucking scum of the earth.
by GodddOfThots October 04, 2018
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Fake lesbian. She’s into girls unless she sees a guy that she finds attractive. Then she calls herself “bisexual”. Very scrawny; no ass or tits.
Girl 1: Why does Neve keep texting my bf?

Girl 2: Idk, she said she was gay.

Iliana: But didn’t she also try to get back with her ex even though he moved on & already has a new gf?
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by throwshade31 April 29, 2020
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the most amazing girl in the world who has sooooo many boyfriends and is really really pretty an sexy( a girl named Neve wrote this:) and Neve also means snow)
OMG look! its Neve!
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by Neve1 May 15, 2021
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She is your best friend that you will probably fall in love with she is beautiful, kind and funny she will always make you happy no matter and she is very talented at music and art she will always be there for you no matter what is happening and if you fight you will always be back together within seconds she has dark brown hair that match with her beautiful dark brown eyes she is short and the definition of Heather by Conan gray
Wait thats Neve she is legit Heather
by Hi, u okay? September 09, 2020
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A British manufacturer of mixing consoles founded by Rupert Neve. Neve consoles were used to record many of the most successful albums of the 20th century. Arguably the most successful microphone preamp in history, the Neve 1073, was originally a module designed for use in a console. Sadly, many Neve 80xx series consoles have been parted out for their precious modules.
Rupert Neve is a genius.
by Q-29 April 29, 2019
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Smart, sexy, hot, bad bitch, cute, curvy, got that bunda, giant boobs,
I wish I was a Neve there bad bitches
by Nevie the bad May 28, 2021
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