I think that everyone is making too general of a look. Not all neo-hippies are like the trowback hippie. I think now more than ever it is about a state of mind/ a way of thinking. They whole idia that you need to pave your own path and not to just follow. IT also includes thinking outside the box(with but not exclusivly through the use of drugs such as LSD or marijuana)Paramount among their ideals would be that you need to be happy in life and not just do somthing because you will make more money. A great value on self happiness.
Neo-hippie 1-"Instead of working for money I am gonna work for enjoyment of working"

Neo-hippie 2-" What is it really that controls it it all, is it god?"
by Ethan F. February 29, 2008
neo-hippie is not anything of the above. it is not simply a vegeatarian, a pothead, a tie-dye wearer, someone who does not shower regularly, a rights activist, a person interested in spirituality or a person conserned with nature. a neo-hippy can not be defined or categorised, but may be someone who wants to take a stand for what they believe, wheather political or otherwise, someone who believes in peace and love, or someone who can identify with the values of other people labelled as 'neo-hippies'
some people see me as a neo-hippie because i protest, smoke wacky tobackey, seek spiritual enlightenment and care about the enviroment.
by sarah June 18, 2006
Left winger born too late for the Vietnam War, so he/she felt like he/she has to scream insults at Bush, make bogus charges about US Soldiers shooting Iraqi/Afgan civilians in cold blood, and refuses to accept that Saddam had WMD's, but just moved them to neighbouring Syria or Iran, and that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were legitimate.
Rightous Man: Who's screaming "fuck Bush" and "No Blood for oil" at the top of her lungs?"

Rightous woman: "Oh, Just some Neo-hippie Moron."
by Agggieman9999 April 7, 2011
A New age or modern Hippie.
Like traditional hippies, neo-hippies are political and motivated, to some degree. Neo-Hippie could be difined as someone who meets the all, if not most, following standards: Liberal in political veiws, sports certain fashion attire distinct to the "hippie" family and plays hackie sack. Neo-hippies also may be vegetarian and have an avid, if not obsessive, desire to recycle.
Hey, look, it's Kasey... she's playing hackie sack, what a neo-hippie.
by Erik Taylor April 4, 2005
Someone who is interested in several of the following things:
vegetarianism/veganism, the environment, animal rights, gay rights, mild recreational drugs, feminism, New Age spirituality, or organic produce.
Stereotypical neo-hippie attire includes loose, comfortable clothing like peasant tops, skirts and sandals. Homemade clothing is common among the truly hardcore, as it appeals to their anti-capitalist sensibilities. Long hair is popular with both males and females.
'Did you see the new neighbors? They have a daughter named Marigold, and they're meditating in tie-dyed tunics on the front lawn. What neo-hippies'
by Pinka March 19, 2006

Neo-Hippie describes a merging of the ideals of hippie, rave, punk, slacker, and internet culture. Beliefs based on community and peaceful cooperation, outside of the mainstream. Strongly opinionated but open and accepting of others and differing opinions. Many prefer a life style involving the therapeutic use of psychedelics and empathogens. Often they embrace the diy life style, vegetarianism, veganism, anarchism, communism. They will drop everything to help a friend in need, and often feel a sense of family within their community.

Their way of dress varies greatly, but you can usually spot them by their lack of care, and very loose comfortable clothing.

The neo-hippie can be found at clubs, raves, shows, protest, used book and thrift stores, and non corporate coffee shops.
Nick- What happened to us, remember punk rock for life?

Dave- Well we still go to shows, and love punk rock, but their is so much more out there.

Nick- Totally, I love going to the club, and swinging poi, and even thou labels are pointless, what have we become.

Dave- I guess you'd call us neo-hippies.

Nick- I agree, because showers are important.

Dave- Most definitely.
by Nick Pryde December 26, 2006
First off it's a noun.
Neo-Hippies call themselves hippies or modern hippies. First off they are kind hearted like the 60's hippies. They are called neo-hippies because their views are different in a few ways from the first hippies. As usual stereo typed like all people are. they are one against stereotypes and are their own people like the 60's hippies were. they have some common goals like peace and freedom. they are called neo for adding new beliefs like budaism and vegitarism. i'm not saying all believe in that stuff just some. as usual dressing their own way away from the norm. they are okay with gays, bi's, lezbains, and non-sexauls but that doesn't make them one. neo-hippie and hippie are so deep and vary between people you can't really define it. p.s. NOT ALL do drugs and not take showers.
"hey man what's up"
"just chillen."
"coo cool, i got the nic hippie now"
"dude get over it you're a neo-hippie for liking guns and training to use a sword."
"but i'm peace loving and kind hearted plus i'm in the top"