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I think that everyone is making too general of a look. Not all neo-hippies are like the trowback hippie. I think now more than ever it is about a state of mind/ a way of thinking. They whole idia that you need to pave your own path and not to just follow. IT also includes thinking outside the box(with but not exclusivly through the use of drugs such as LSD or marijuana)Paramount among their ideals would be that you need to be happy in life and not just do somthing because you will make more money. A great value on self happiness.
Neo-hippie 1-"Instead of working for money I am gonna work for enjoyment of working"

Neo-hippie 2-" What is it really that controls it it all, is it god?"
by Ethan F. February 28, 2008
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A neo-hippie is at peace. At peace with world, good and bad. He (or she) knows that the enjoyment of Life, whatever his circumstances are, is the most important aspect of living. He enjoys all activities, all genres of music, all kinds of people, and sees the unique beauty in everything. He watches the world with an objective eye, seeing all sides of a story. He does not stare at the negativity he sees; he looks at it and finds within it positivity. He knows that civil liberties are innate, and to deny anyone those is outright wrong. He does not fight for what is right, he pushes the right past the wrong, for hatred helps nobody.. He controls himself with a free restraint, hurting for he knows it will pass with time, loving for he knows that it is the best feeling a person can experience. He experiences everything there is to experience, because from those his ever-changing soul grows.
Girl: "Wow, that girl's a bitch."
Neo-hippie: "So what?"

Boy: "I hate gay people!"
Neo-hippie: "They're just like you, except they like the same sex."

Girl: "Eww, I look fat in this shirt!!"
Neo-hippie: "No, you look beautiful and curvyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy."

Boy: "I like punching people in the face."
Neo-hippie: "I enjoy the breeze on my face, in my hair when I'm driving in my car with the windows down."
by Jamison C. Fisher May 21, 2009
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Left winger born too late for the Vietnam War, so he/she felt like he/she has to scream insults at Bush, make bogus charges about US Soldiers shooting Iraqi/Afgan civilians in cold blood, and refuses to accept that Saddam had WMD's, but just moved them to neighbouring Syria or Iran, and that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were legitimate.
Rightous Man: Who's screaming "fuck Bush" and "No Blood for oil" at the top of her lungs?"

Rightous woman: "Oh, Just some Neo-hippie Moron."
by Agggieman9999 April 06, 2011
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neo-hippie is not anything of the above. it is not simply a vegeatarian, a pothead, a tie-dye wearer, someone who does not shower regularly, a rights activist, a person interested in spirituality or a person conserned with nature. a neo-hippy can not be defined or categorised, but may be someone who wants to take a stand for what they believe, wheather political or otherwise, someone who believes in peace and love, or someone who can identify with the values of other people labelled as 'neo-hippies'
some people see me as a neo-hippie because i protest, smoke wacky tobackey, seek spiritual enlightenment and care about the enviroment.
by sarah June 18, 2006
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Neo Hippies come in two forms: the real and the fake. First we will deal with the real. Real neo hippies are individuals that come in all different colors, sizes, subcultures and habits, but all agree on one thing: free is best and everyone's invited! These environmentally and socially-conscious people are inclusive, in tune (with the earth and themselves, recognizing the good and bad within each) people that love listening to late '60's/ early '70's music, watching '60's/'70's movies and think Bob Dylan is a prophet. Neo hippies embrace all types of music though. (They may also listen to Phish, but this band usually identify the preferences of fake neo hippies.) Although they usually attempt to be extremely health conscious (vegans, vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, yoga, meditation), they most definitely smoke copious amounts of pot, most times cigarettes and partake in harder drugs with no remorse; or don't do drugs at all because they feel it clouds their state of consciousness. They do not mind a smelly person and usually have personal hygiene issues themselves. Love the great outdoors and go camping, hiking, backpacking at least 7 times per year. Has gone on at lease two trips to the mountains solo. Sometimes can be characterized by flowy clothing (women); but as stated before, the real neo hippie is person of many undertakings and attitudes, so can not be identified by clothing. Definitely into Boca burgers (even if they eat meat), incense, health food stores, Patchouli, thrift stores finds (which is distinct from 'hipster' thrift store style) and making sure everyone feels a part of their parties, gatherings, etc. They realize that inclusive is the new exclusive because the people that are there are the people that are suppose to be there. Can be found volunteering at the local non profit, community-oriented organization. Usually a self-described activist that is anti-war that frequents protest marches and loves 'organizing.'

Fake neo hippies are usually white suburban kids who often wear patchwork pants (guys and girls), plaid shirts (guys) and have dreadlocks (girls and guys). They love Phish, Umphrey's McGee and String Cheese Incident. Very inclusive group of individuals that are drawn to others that dress and look the same and are frightened by diversity. Basically yuppies and suburbanites who decide to wear patchwork instead of Gap, but possess the same shallow ideals and large bank accounts care of mommy and daddy.

I once heard an excellent word to describe the fake neo hippies: trustafarians.
If you have ever had a party where everyone's invited, you may be a real Neo Hippie .

If you have been to more than 10 Phish concerts but have never had a conversation longer than 30 minutes with a person of color, you are indeed a fake Neo Hippie . Please check yourself!!
by lemlem420 February 09, 2007
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a person of the 21st century who still takes on the practice of the hippies ragin in the 60's
Hey look at her! Shes got it goin on. She must be a neo hippie
by nicole chard June 04, 2005
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