Modern day suburban pot heads, who play hacky sack, and do nosies alot because they want to avoid doing stuff.
All those kids playing hacky sack are neo hippies.
by BluntSmoker69 December 18, 2008
Someone from suburbia who sees hippies as a way to find some identity and be "original" and can't have ideals without taking on some sort of stereotypical act. Most neo-hippies come from suburbia and don't do much to save the world other than go to concerts, smoke pot, and maybe vote democrat or for the green party. Most of them think they are outside the mainstream, while the mainstream mocks them with hippy leaning commercials and sells hippy style clothing because it's what's in and sells to those surbubia kids who want to be rebellious(go look in most stores and you will see its the in clothing). Basically, a neo-hippy is the same as a goth, a prep, whatever, and they have no originality and call themselves names like gypsy and such because they can't take a real effort to be themselves or original for that matter.
"lLook at that neo-hippie with her beads, she's such a rebel"

"That neo-hippie sure is a free spirit"

"That neo-hippie certainly isn't comforming to society"

by johnny5 July 14, 2006
The trend of looking like an expensive hobo
Person: I wanted to look like those neo hippies so I bought all of this 60's "vintage" clothes from urban outfitters.
Person 2: so like a hobo with money?
by Psycho-doom May 11, 2014
See also neohippy, yippy.

(Pejorative) -- A person who replaces any established belief or fact with a product, belief or idea that has a quality of perceived social sophistication.

Neohippies are related to a hippie, except that their lives are centered on the purchase of expensive products and therapies of dubious value.

Most common amongst parents born between 1965 and 1975.

Usually drives a Subaru, Jetta, Bug or any bicycle.

A neohippy does not shop at Wal-Mart, but often spotted at co-ops.

In a sentence:
"That neo-hippie just spent $700.00 on wool diapers for her newborn."
"That neo-hippie found out he was allergic to wheat from his applied kinesiologist."

Example symptoms:

-Belief that your flu, cold or cervical cancer is caused by hypomobile joints in your lower back and an immediate spinal manipulation from a chiropractic physician is needed posthaste.

-Prejudice against any dairy product

-Love of anything made from soy

-Deep conviction in the belief that non-organic vegetables will kill you within 10 years if handled or eaten.

-Spending more than $4000.00 on cloth diapering

-Breast feeds children until age 5, co-sleeps with them until age 10

-Belief that animals should be loved and cared for in large fields before shot and eaten.

- Belief that small pox/rubella/chicken pox/etc. are less harmful than vaccination.

-Ability to visualize the face of the coffee bean harvester that got a fair wage from the cup of coffee that was just purchased.
by Pancreas100 June 30, 2006
Neo (new) Hippy: An individual who subscribes to much of the old-school hippy morality, (the importance of being good to others, empathetic to suffering, peace over war, love over hate, and social responsibility). While many of their core ideals may be shared with traditional hippies, Neo-hippies are, generally speaking, not Baby Boomers; they were raised in different (later) era's and, as such, generally have more modern sensibilities.

For example, in light the AIDS/HIV Crisis, they aren't into uninhibited free sexual love, or sequestering themselves into self-supporting communes, avoiding what is perceived as a "sick" society. They will organize and protest, risking bodily harm and arrest for what they believe in, and as is protected under the U.S. 1st Amendment, of the Bill of Rights. They might go to Burning Man, and carouse neked, but, if they get busy, they will always use a rubber.
Jax, you Neo-hippy! I saw your picture in the paper, running away from Trump's Secret Police, shooting tear gas, as you peacefully protested George Floyd's murder. You did us proud, girl. Hope you're alright!
by jon123nyc June 3, 2020
Kids these days who want things such as "world peace" and to stop "global warming" because "it is all our fault" because "we are wasteful and don't recycle and are selfish."

Basically, these kids want what Al Gore wants, an end to "global warming" and some world leaders solving their problems. Modified hippie/hippy principles, though most of them don't smoke pot. They buy 100% "organic" bags that have SAVE THE WHALES/POLAR BEARS/NORTH POLE/OZONE LAYER/EARTH emblazoned on the front that "support the fight against global warming" and don't object to socialized healthcare.

These kids are clueless, most of the time, and just want to be "politically active" without being politically active.
That girl Mary bought a "Save the North Pole" bag form Timberland and wore peace sign earrings and started preaching to us abouthow we should share what we give and recycle. She's sucha a bogus neo-hippie.
by la la la lauren! December 1, 2007
neo-hippie :
a neo-communist or neo-nazi
neo-hippies are expansionist imperialists warmongering dictators who dont see borders or believe in national sovereignty because they see the whole world as theirs , as a NEW WORLD ORDER!!
The illuminist neo-hippies see the NEW WORLD ORDER they always dreamed of finally coming true.All of the imperialism and wars and racism and slavery have finally paid off for them.And now they can institute scientology on a global scale and be homosexuals and live crappily ever after.
Oh giddy giddy , hail Santa!
/end neo-hippie s
Example doesn't use the word Neo Hippie. Use the word in a sentence.
by hippies smell like poop March 15, 2006