A person who is from the suburbs, yet they smell bad and are poorly dressed. Loves Reggae and "Jam Music". Every band this person listens to will be more relevant than every band you listen to, and their drugs will be better even if they are total shite.
by BrotherMagpie July 18, 2011
One who shows definite traits of being a modern hippie and also lives the surfer life style.
"Daniella Is a Neo Hippie Surfer" said Arlene
by ShootErDuck88 February 9, 2010
a person, generally a teenager, who is considered a prep but uses thing like the peace symbol and the hippy hand gesture (index and middle finger, y'know what im saying) they generally think their cool by doing that but, in actuality, just annoying actual neo-hippies
*shows binder full of peace symbols*
neo-hippy 2: "OMG NO WAY, THAT IS SOO COOL!!!!"
Jerry Garcia: *Rolls around in grave*

by Jeff Evil October 5, 2008
A neo-hippie is a person who embraces, and correspondingly, continues the 1960s counterculture movement which was primarily based in the United States. There are notable variations between a Neo-Hippie and a more traditional Hippie, particularly in values and beliefs, but are mostly the same. The photographer Steve Schapiro documented multiple Neo-Hippie communities between 2012-2014.
You know Ashley right? She's a huge Neo-Hippie now.
by dextromethorphan May 20, 2021
People born after the Baby Boom generation or pass 1961 , who exhibit the habits and traits of a hippie. In extreme cases,wearing or more than one tye-dye shirt,playing jam band excessively. Such as Phish,Widespread Panic and The Grateful Dead.
We need neo-hippie repellent,they overtaking the food court!
by CDawg65 October 8, 2015