Neo-Hippie noun \nee-o 'hi-pē\
plural Neo-Hippies

: individual that feels a sense of entitlement, often over privileged as a child, most likely forced out of parents house at the age of 30 for freeloading, usually requires a room mate to survive due to working low life jobs to avoid drug tests and maximize time for drug use, asks to move back home every three to five years, comes up with outrages ideas to "make things better" - Ideas usually require others to do the real work for neo-hippies to reap the benefits, believe they should have the same luxuries as individuals that actually work and sacrifice to provide for a family unit rather than themselves.
• I wish these neo-hippies would get off this occupy (insert city) kick, and occupy a job.

• On career day Derick didn't show up to speak to the children because noon is too early after a night of tripping acid and begging his parents for money to pay his car insurance. He is such a neo-hippie.

(see also: socialist, marxist, freeloader, deadbeat, loser, feminist, lefty, lazy)
by Me am I December 26, 2011
Neo-hippie (or just hippy) is a name given to modern hippies, who, while retaining some aspects of the '60s hippie movement, have changed in some areas, for example by embracing punk values of anarchism, anti-establishmentarianism, feminism and acceptance of homosexuality.

Along with goths they form part of the middle-class backlash against chavs, seeking to disassociate themselves with what is seen as a working class, conventional standard, they have created their own distinct youth subculture.

Often seen on skateboards, listening to Green Day/Nirvana, moshing, wearing Vans (wide tonged skate shoes) and/or combat trousers.
by Hippys Are Everywhere April 13, 2005
Characteristics: loves their bicycle, has a pair of converse all stars, does yoga, owns neck scarves, stoked on thrifted vintage, spends extortionate amounts of money at mountain equipment co-op, if they have a car its got great gas mileage, crazy for anything organic, possibly vegetarian, also commonly internet addicted, owns birkenstocks, is in or has gone through a hemp wearing stage

Ideology: the neo-hippie is concerned with efficiency, trendiness, and (most often, just the appearance of) being socially and politically aware

Criticisms: Neo-hippies are criticized for believing that they are original or somehow non-conformists
Savana: I'm a non-conformist! *wearing scarves from recent trip to thailand, riding vintage bicycle with custom parts, organic lunch in mec backpack*

Onlooker: Yeah, you and all your friends. What a neo-hippie.
by JCanada March 13, 2008
Someone who goes to Phish concerts, wears jesus rope sandals, has frizzy hair and some kind of undescribable body odor.
Don't walk by the river unless you want to buy some gum from a neo-hippie.
by Slice January 31, 2003
Someone who still hasn't got the message that smoking pot and smelling bad isn't cool.
Neo-Hippie #1: Dude, I haven't showered in three and a half weeks.

Neo-Hippie #2: That's great. Think of how much water you've saved! Taking a shower is square.
by Wotan1 May 29, 2006
Same as a neo-nazi or neo-fascist or neo-communist or any other totalitarian dictator.
You should kill them before they chop down all of the trees and rape your kids and try to turn you gay like them.
by I kill hippies November 3, 2005