Yenny: Mimie Tran, where were you yesterday?

Mimie: In my room...meditating.

Yenny: Oh, let me know next time you meditate, I will join.

Mimie: Ohhhkay.
by Mauro-Wauro May 15, 2008
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typed symbol for happily meditating. Asterisk between happy anime eyes symbolizes third eye as in buddist designs
"practice ^*^ " meaning I am online but meditating, will be back in awhile
by leonardpoutine August 6, 2009
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Conscious thoughtlessness to achieve lasting calmness of the mind and body.
After continuous meditation sessions, she was free of her debilitating anxiety.
by tannerrz April 9, 2018
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Meditation can mean either clearing your mind of all thought, or focusing on one thought, both done in an effort to achieve enlightenment. For example, in some masters of "zen" or "chan" buddhism will give thier students koans to meditate on, such as, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?". On the other hand, many other sects teach thinking of nothing. Either way can be effective for those who engage in the activity not for religious enlightment, but simply to relax and gain a greater understanding of life.
He medidated on the koan and understood that the lack of an answer was in itself an answer, and yet not the fullness of the answer.

I engage in meditation for a few minutes before I go to bed to help settle my mind.
by Steven Hopkins February 14, 2007
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A state of meditation that is brought about by the enviornment. It is often a sudden spontaneous transition from everyday thought to calm meditaton.

1. The soothing rythm of the train i was riding on brought me into a meditative state
2. I went to the beach today and felt so laid back and one with the scenery, it was totally meditative.
by fnky March 29, 2009
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It is not to clear your mind off all things but one. It is to clear your mind of all things. To focus on the lack of thoughts that come between thoughts, and to lengthen this period to several minutes, even hours. It is only then that you can truly listen to your inner self. If you are focusing on a tree or a flower, you cannot focus on your inner self.
Meditation is something that is very misunderstood by westerners.
by A. Freak April 16, 2006
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The word Medit is used in a derogatory way to insult someone from the Mediterian area of the world or someone from a Dirty race/culture.

But in today’s terms it is used loosely as a "diss" word towards anyone that resembles the characteristics of one.

Its meaning resembles the word Nigger, Jew, Fag, Sand - Nigger, Gypsy, Arab, etc ... very closely and is used on the same level.

Also refer to "Medit Move"
"Fuck that Eman Medit mofo he got done in. If you scared Medit "go to church".

"Fucking Medits, pulling Medit moves"

"Dam those Medits"

"Ahhahah what a Medit"
by DTon November 6, 2007
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